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The Best Farm Jack in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Having the Best Farm Jack is an essential tool whether you are on the farm or living in the suburbs. This jack is no softy either. Farm Jacks can hold their own with vehicles and massive machinery. But, when looking to purchase one, you may be having a hard time figuring out what kind of one you need. With so many choices out there, prices, warranties, etc., things can start to get a little confusing.

Luckily, this review, buyer’s guide is here to help you along. After reading ahead, you will feel confident that you are making the best choice for you and the projects you need it for. So, without further ado, let us head into the products to see which one will fit the right model in your workshop. Then, you can move forward with frequently asked questions answered to keep you on the right path to jack freedom.



Best Farm Jack: Editor’s Top Picks


Top 10 Best Farm Jack Reviews:


1. Hi-Lift Jack HL485

Hi-Lift Tractor Jack HL485 48' Hi-Lift Red...


One of the Best Farm Jacks is made from Hi-Lift. You can purchase the jack in three different sizes: 42-inches, 48-inches, or 60-inches, depending on the work you need to get done. The construction of this Hi-Lift jack is second to none. The all-cast iron make-up allows for the best durability and strength around. There is truly no other jack that is all-cast made anywhere else on planet Earth.

The winch is great, as well. With a connector clamp and powder-coated hardware, the zinc-plated surface protects from wear and tear on the jack itself. The handle is a two-piece design, along with the socket to make a reliable piece of technology.

With safe-info stickers, you will see how much this jack can handle, with load details and instructions to help you along. Just look at the handle for more details. Hi-Lift cares deeply about safety, and this jack has a bolt that will shear away if more than 7,000 pounds of weight is used. At only 29 pounds, this jack holds a ton of weight.

Lastly, since this product is still made by Hi-Lift, you can bet that the customer service is great. If you have any problems at all, Hi-Lift will be there to help you. Whether you are dealing with issues or just want some questions answered, Hi-Lift has you covered.


  • The safety factor is 150%
  • Can handle any type of environment
  • Hi-Lift has been making jacks for over 100 years
  • Can be used for winching
  • Made in Bloomfield, Indiana
  • The tongue of the jack is 4.5-inches


  • The jack will require maintenance over time
  • The head can drop without warning when completing a job

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2. Torin TRA8335 33″ Ratcheting Off-Road Utility Farm Jack

Torin TRA8335 33' Ratcheting Off Road Utility...


This ratcheting jack is one of the best in the business. Whether you need this lift off-roading or for utility, you will love your experience product every time you use it. For lifting, clamping, pulling, spreading, winching, etc., this lift can handle all situations.

With a lifting range around 5.12-inches to 26.38-inches, this life has one of the best ranges around. A 6,000-pound capacity gives you great horizontal and vertical reach. For any kind of environment, this jack is perfect for emergencies or other farm-related projects.

This fast lifting product allows for great lifting speeds and ideal safety. With a wide base, this lift adds perfect stability for any situation. The rust-resistant product has a powder-coat and zinc hardware to make sure the lift lasts and lasts. Since this product has been tested for safety and reliability, matching the ASME standard B30.1.

Torin manufacturers this quality lift. At 27.5 pounds, this lift will not weigh you down either, wherever you take it. With a machined exterior, you can bet that this product is due to hold up for years to come. A one-year warranty from the manufacturer is a perfect way to end this conversation because you know there is coverage for you in any negative situation.


  • Amazing support from Torin professionals
  • Torin has been building products since 1968
  • Comes with a rubberized handle
  • Can lift fence posts with ease
  • Stellar versatility with whatever project you have to do
  • Very easy-to-use


  • The functionality is quite limited
  • The packaging leaves something to be desired

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3. Hi-Lift Jack HL484

Hi-Lift Jack HL484 48' Hi-Lift Black Cast and...


This cast-iron, steel jack is a premiere bulldog farm jack. With a mixture of castable components, you will receive four, separate, strength steel parts. The connector clamps are nothing to scoff at either. With the winch being powder-coated, you can bet the zinc-plated material will live up to lofty standards.

The two-piece handle makes for a durable product that has mechanical reliability. Check out the sticker on the lift for more precious information. This will give you the load details and operating instructions right on the handle itself.

For the best safety around, this product has a shear bolt design, which will not allow more than 7,000 pounds of weight. This safety mechanism is imperative for success when you are operating a variety of machines. Make sure you check out what kind of vehicles this lift can raise. But, you can expect cars, SUVs, and vans will be no problem, but big rigs may be difficult to lift with a product like this one.

At only 28 pounds, this lift barely weighs anything but packs a mega punch. Since this product is not discontinued by the manufacturer, you can bet the customer service is stellar. It is a service like this that most brands can only dream of.


  • Has a safety factor of 150%
  • Made in Indiana
  • Perfect for the desert or mountains
  • The minimum height gets as low as 25 to 30 centimeters
  • The versatility is unparallelled
  • Very easy to work with


  • Lubrication needs to happen for this to work properly
  • The handle retainer could have a better design

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4. Big Red TR6501B Trin Ratcheting Off-Road Utility Farm Jack

BIG RED TR6501B Torin 48' Ratcheting Off Road...


Big Red hits the list as a great quality ratcheting jack. Whether you want 33-inches, 48-inches, or 60-inches, they will all hold three tons with ease. Do you need lifting done? This jack can work. How about pulling or clamping? This jack has you covered. What about spreading or winching? You guessed it! This jack can do it.

With a lifting range from 5.12-inches to 40-inches, the load capacity has a ton of versatility horizontally or vertically. This jack can work in the roughest of environments or for farm-related jobs. The lift can work as a rescue tool, by giving you a wide base of users.

When using this jack, it uses fast-lifting technology but also carries about safety. With rust-proof tech and a powder-coated construction, the zinc-plate hardware will make sure to last and last. You can keep testing its reliability over and over again, knowing that it will hold up with its 1-year warranty.


  • The lift weighs just over 30 pounds
  • Has great customer support
  • The sheerness is unparalleled
  • Very sturdy due to its construction
  • Amazing value for the money you pay
  • Very simple to use


  • Does not come with a case
  • Better for medium usages in weight, not max weight

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5. Smittybilt 2722 54″ Universal Trail Jack

Smittybilt 54 Trail Jack - 2722'


If you are looking for a large base, then you need to get the Smittybilt jack. This adjustable clamp is great to connect to almost anything sturdy. With its construction of cast steel, you will also like the fact that it is powder-coated. The hardware being zinc plated is also a big deal.

With its maximum height being 54-inches, this product can also hold up to 4,660 pounds. This is quite amazing since it only weighs 6.82 pounds. If you do ever run into issues, call up the manufacturer. They are here for you if you ever need anything at all.

The standards of Smittybilt are ones that are set by the industry. But, Smittybilt goes above and beyond to make things happen with the best results in mind. This means you should expect dependability and durability time after time when using this product.


  • The handle is removable
  • The handle is made from synthetic rubber
  • Uses 14-gauge tubing
  • Smittybilt has been making jacks for over 50 years with great success
  • The perfect gift
  • The sheerness is second to none


  • Can only get the jack in gray/black
  • The assembly may need some adjustments

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6. Arcan 60-Inch Heavy-Duty Farm Jack with Ratcheting Design

Arcan 60-Inch Heavy Duty Farm Jack with...


The first thing you will notice about the Arcan jack is its superb steel construction. The lifting arm for this product is quite amazing as well. With its upright construction, things can be adjusted to what you need. The ratcheting design is not something you should overlook either. For a controlled lift, this product is for you.

This lift is hold up well over time because of its rust resistance. With powder-coated coverage, the life of your jack will stay rust-free over the years. Since the lifting range is from 4.9-inches to 52.3-inches, you can bet that this lift will help you in all kinds of circumstances.

When using this lift, pulling, lifting, spreading, and clamping will work whether you need to work on a tractor or a 4-wheel drive car. Whatever you need this product for, know this lift has strength and sturdiness that few can match. With three tons of weight being helped on this jack, this product is a masterpiece.


  • This product only weighs 33.3 pounds
  • Made fully of metal
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • No batteries are needed for this product
  • Very easy to work this lift
  • Amazing strength every time you use this product


  • May need to make a few adjustments to make this product work properly
  • The base place is bolted and not welded

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7. Hi-Lift Jack XT485

Hi-Lift Jack XT485 48' Hi-Lift X-TREME Jack


This 48-inch jack is one of the best in the business. With an all-cast design, there are some great features with this product. With a zinc-coated construction, rust will be a thing of the past for you. No matter if you are using the product as a spreader, clamp, or winch, you can be assured this product has you completely covered.

With the help of a sturdy handle, you can count on a two-piece design day after day. One thing you will like is the jack only needs to be in one position to work in a variety of ways. There is also great safety information on this best Farm Jack. Load details and the best operating instruction are there to help you make the right decisions during your hard work.

At only 32.4 pounds, this is one of the most lightweight lifts around. The powder-coated jack will hold up year after year, even if you are kind of abusive with your tools. With every purchase, you will receive an instruction manual and the jack itself.


  • This product can hold up to 5,000 pounds
  • Made with 7/8-inch shackle holes
  • The product has non-binding attachments
  • No hook is required with this product
  • There is a cut-out wedge to help with gripping better
  • Can purchase this lift in a 60-inch version


  • The coating will get scratched up over time
  • The warranty does not have added extensions

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8. Powerbuilt Alltrade 640912 Black 3-Ton All-In-One Bottle Jack

Powerbuilt 3 Ton, Bottle Jack and Jack Stands...


Powerbuilt has a quality patented design that harnesses bottle jack and jack stand technology. In this one unit, there is a safety bar that will help you get to the desired height. No matter if you have an off-roading vehicle you are working on or a truck, this lift can do the work right.

As one of the most portable jacks you will see on this list the Powerbuilt lift will safely get the work done for you. This durable option has a wide base for the greatest stability. With a height range from 11 to 21-inches, you will be able to hold whatever you are working on with ease and success.

Safety is a big priority for Powerbuilt, so know that the lift will stay where you adjust it to. When you raise your lift to max height, it will not drop from the spot you want. It is a product like this that you should be a product of.


  • Only weighs 22 pounds
  • Amazing customer service
  • Powerbuilt has been making jacks for almost 40 years
  • Meets PALD and ASME standards
  • Has a safety lock feature
  • Very easy to work with whatever job you need to accomplish


  • It will take the manual assembly to get the lift up to 21-inches
  • The tubing is made in metrics

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9. Hi-Lift Jack PP-300 Post Popper

Hi-Lift Jack PP-300 Post Popper


Hi-Lift has done it again with this sensational jack. Whether you need to remove T-post, wooden fences, or cement plugs, this lift can do it all. This Hi-Lift can even take out stumps of trees.

With great lift force, this jack takes on posts with ease. Lifting things straight out of the ground has never been easier. By attaching to a T-post, you can use a cable or chain with the help of a steel hook. Wrap it around a post, and then see it work its magic.

The steel tubing, using 1-1/2-inch construction, is all about durability and strength. This product has upped the standard of what a jack is all about. A product like this is worth every penny.


  • This lift only weighs 20 pounds
  • Has a built-in jaw
  • The lift can reach 39-inches high
  • Can hold up to 5,000 pounds
  • The sheerness is quite exquisite
  • You will get a solid bang for your buck


  • Better to buy two rather than one for big projects
  • Vertical tension can be lost over time

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10. Hi-Lift UTV-424 UTV Jack

Hi-Lift UTV-424 42' UTV Jack


The last product on the list comes from the great Hi-Lift. There have already been so many Hi-Lift products to this point, but there is one more reason to celebrate its greatness. First off, you can pick between 36 and 42-inches. Then, you can enjoy the quality components of this jack that can handle a variety of UTVs.

The zinc-coating is another reason this is the best Farm Jack. No matter if you are using this lift as a spreader, clamp, or winch, this Hi-Lift has you covered. With powder-coated make-up, this jack will handle wear and tear like no other product on the market.

This jack is made with a reliable, durable socket that fits well with the two-piece handle. Safety is also a prime focus of Hi-Lift. With safety info on the sticker of this product, you will easily be able to read any load details and important instructions for operation.


  • The product only weighs 28 pounds
  • A superb customer service team
  • Comes with a jack and working instructions
  • Can handle almost 5,000 pounds for the load capacity
  • Tested to hold 7,000 pounds during max trials
  • Has a safety factor of 150%


  • Lowering loads can get a bit sketchy
  • Does not come with a winch piece

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Things to Consider When Buying a Farm Jack


Now that you have a greater understanding of what the best jacks are, you need to choose the right one for you. However, you might not know the features that make a sweet lift. Read on for the top features and points to look into.

  • The Right Price

You may be clueless as to how to pick the right jack, and that can be quite frustrating. But, the price is a major factor to consider. So, how much money do you want to spend on a lift? When you set up a budget limit, you will be handling a critical factor to consider.

Your choices will be narrowed down, not buying something more costly. Ultimately, you deserve to have a product that works for you, even if the purchase is tiny or massive with what you make financially. Getting a cheap jack is not the best bang for your buck. You surely do not want a product to break down months have you purchased it.

  • Reading Reviews

When making the right purchase for a jack, you need to read up on reviews. Make sure the reviews are verified. Some people review anything without buying the product and do not know exactly what the lift does.

Consider the pros and cons of each product. The more you see pros and cons come up, you can start to get an idea of what the jack is truly like. From there, you can make a quality decision that will bode you well for years to come. In turn, you can limit other choices, as to not distract you further from making the right choice for you.

Another thing you can do with reviews is to see what kind of jacks others are using in a variety of fields. If you need a jack when you are out in the middle of nowhere with your Jeep, look up reviews specifically for that. If you need a jack for your farming life, then consider a product that fits the lifestyle.

  • Not Getting A Jacked-Up Handle

Many people overlook the importance of a jack handle. However, this should not be a problem for you because now you know. Buying a cheaper handle is made of cheaper metal, usually in a thinner variety.

Additionally, these kinds of cheap handles have a higher risk of getting rusty. When the handle is rusted through, things can break much easier, and safety can be a real issue. Certainly do not put a huge load on a rusty handle. You should not use a rusty handle ever. Buy a new one is a better choice here. So, make the best decision and top working with a rusty jack or you could pay major consequences.

  • A Clevis Check

The clevis on a jack is a triangular part that is near the jack’s top. More inexpensive jacks have a clevis that is made from steel with a loop to help with winching or pulling. Mostly, this works well. But, since it is made with a thin metal, heavyweights are not encouraged.

Once again, safety can be a real issue here if you put too much weight on the lift itself. Instead, purchase a jack with a locking mechanism that is a lot thick, if you are lifting max loads. You are looking for jacks with teeth for extra clamping power.

  • A Righteous Warranty

There are people out there that want a warranty for peace of mind. This is a great option, especially if it is built into the price you pay. Ultimately, you will pay more for a warranty. Most lifts come with a one-year warranty, but you can pay more money for an added extension on a lift. Warranties cover a lift breaking by either replacing the product altogether or giving money back depending on the situation.

  • Material Types

When working with the right jack, understanding the materials that a lift is made of is vital to a positive experience. Depending on the material you choose will depend on the lifespan of your jack. Since a jack on the farm is used for welding parts and harming, you want something that will hold up time and time again. Anything cast steel or all-cast iron is best. For lifting and hauling, having cast materials will keep you safe and working hard day after day.

  • Lifting A Ton

Many people want to know how much a jack can lift. Since the primary function of the jack is to lift, you should shop around for a product that can handle what you need lifting. So, look around to what you might need lifting at some point in time. Get a jack that can handle the max weight of your heaviest piece of machinery. Maybe it’s a vehicle or a piece of farming equipment. Take your time when looking and thinking through all pieces of machinery, so you do not forget the one that you eventually need lifting, but cannot because you did not purchase a jack that can handle the weight.

  • Height And Range

Most farm jacks have a range from 48 to 60-inches. There are some shorter models, but you do not need a farm jack at that point. With off-roading vehicles lifted many times, you want a jack that can handle these lifting heights.

But, do know that the higher the vehicle is, the less stable things will be with a farm jack. So, get a jack with a solid base, so nothing negative happens when working hard on your vehicle or other major projects. With a unique range, pick a device that can handle your tallest height, but considers safety throughout.

  • Wanting Speed

Many people want their lift to work fast for them, so they can get work done quicker. With most jacks working to full height in eight to ten strokes, there are even some that only take three to six. There are even different lifting positions that take different stroke power.

Now, a faster jack can get the job done faster, but the user needs to understand what speed can do for overall achievement. Human power does the work, so your strength will make things go slower or faster at the end of the day. It is important to understand this when many people think the jack does all the work. There is a little human influence though.

  • Usability and Comfort

When working, you should be comfortable as you use your jack. You surely want to use a product that you buy, and not just have it sitting around. As a multi-directional tool, you will have more opportunities to use your jack horizontally or vertically.

Whether you are lifting, clamping, winching, pulling, or spreading, you want a jack that works for you and keeps you comfortable throughout. This way, pulling the handle up and down will not be a problem, but certainly, stay away from any time of twisting the handle. They are not as good as they seem.

  • Safe Not Sorry

When using a lifting machine like a jack, it is a must that you have a shear bolt for overall safety. Originally, jack would just give in with an overload. Today’s jacks are not like this thankfully. Instead, the shear bolt will be givens in before a collapse. This will help make the user aware that trouble is imminent, allowing them to get away, so they are not crushed or hurt in the process. It is a safety feature like this that will reduce damage and injury with all parties involved.


Types of Farm Jacks


There are a variety of farm jacks out there on the open market. It is brands like the ones mentioned above that are invaluable for big projects. Get to know the different types from a variety of companies.

  • Hi-Lift

Hi-Lift got its start in 1895 by Philip John Harrah. As one of the oldest companies in Indiana, Hi-Lift has continued to serve the state and nation is great ways. Hi-Lift has made drilling tools, jacks, tie-down systems. Through the years, H-Lift has had a few names like “The Bloomfield Manufacturing Company” and the “Kant-Slam Company,” but the product’s quality has stayed the same. Ultimately, the jack is their most sold product, helping customers trust the product and the brand that makes it.

  • Torin

Over the years, Torin has provided equipment in the automotive industry. With jacks, valves, and wheels, this company has been serving the United States of America and Canada since 1993. Based in the state of California, Torin continues to work retail to help anyone who needs stellar jacks.

  • Powerbuilt

For over 40 years, Powerbuilt has been making jacks that lead the nation in performance and overall quality. The users of these tools have great things to say as well. Ultimately, Powerbuilt builds jacks to help users save money and time when working on the biggest of projects. With proven performance, living up to ASME and ANSI standards, their jack hold up in strength and numbers. With products that are guaranteed for life, what is not to love?

  • Arcan

Arcan is a relatively new company, but they make great jack types. With the help of user-friendly jacks, Arcan will continue to make products that people love, leading in innovation year after year. Development is something Arcan prides itself on as a company’s mission.

  • Smittybilt

Smittybilt has been around since 1956. As a start-up machine shop, Smittybilt originally worked on SUVs and small trucks. Today, the business has grown to make products and supplies to help small shops like Smittybilt was. With over 2,000 products available to the world, Smittybilt still hangs its hat on their jacks being the best.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

As it pertains to farm jacks, there are a lot of questions that crop in and out of the buyer’s process. But, there is no need to fret. We have you covered with the most commonly asked questions for you to get answered. Check them out for the best results.


Q1: How is a farm jack defined?

A farming jack is an all-in-one tool that can help change a tire, if you are off-roading, or it can lift agricultural machinery to new heights. This tool’s winching power can also clamp, pull, and lift as well. With its tall design, heavy equipment is no match with this tool’s authority.


Q2: How do farming jacks work?

With the help of manual operation, this tool is quite easy to maneuver. Taking in the user manual is the best bet here, but most farming jacks have a smooth sliding mechanism. By sliding up and down at the center beam, the handle can be worked necessarily.

Each stroke with a farming jack has a pin lock to keep things in check. A farming jack is like a ladder of sorts. With crossbars and holes, a farming jack “climbs” up and down.


Q3: What is the cost of a typical farm jack?

Most range from $45 to $200. The lower-cost ones cannot hold as much weight. The more expensive jacks are made of the best materials. However, you can find some great ones between $100 to $120.


Q4: How do farming jacks work on a Jeep?

These jacks have a stable base to handle working on a Jeep or getting off an obstacle. The distance should be measured when working with this kind of project.


Q5: What is the lifespan of a jack?

Safe jacks should last about 10 years. This should be common with any jack.


Q6: Can jacks be used if your car breaks down on the side of the road?

A jack can help in this instance. They can lift the necessary weight to get a spare tire on when you are pulled on the side of the road.


Q7: Can a jack help with the tilting position?

With the max length handling 100 mm, jacks use a cock valve to help with the adjustment. This makes jacks a lifting heavyweight.


Final Verdict


To this point, you should have a farm jack in mind for the projects you have ahead of you. After you have sifted through a variety of products, a buyer’s guide, the types of farm jacks made, and frequently asked questions, you are well on your way to greatness. The decision is yours and yours alone.

Moving forward, pick a product that does your work justice. Do not buy something that you will never use or will not handle the work you need to get done. This way, you can have a successful experience with whatever you need to get done. So, stay safe out there and enjoy your new jack. You will be amazed at what it can do for you. There might even be experiences where you cannot believe that it did the stuff you needed to be done. This is the way a great jack should perform for you.

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