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The Best Fifth Wheel Hitch in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Although there are numerous hitches for holding trailers, the difference comes out regarding safety, comfort, and towing weight restrictions. For this reason, you honestly don’t need a hauler but something reliable like the best fifth wheel hitch.

People argue out that these hitches make no difference. However, I’ll explain why you need one for hauling your motorhome.

Fifth wheel hitches can tow anything weighing up to 30K. Unlike standard ball hitches, these equipment guarantee a safe, comfortable, and quiet ride through the rough, bumpy, or hilly camping sites.

Purchasing a fifth wheel hitch should be a one-time investment. Therefore, make sure you play your cards well by picking high-grade equipment. As a thumb rule, you should never find the middle ground between safety, comfort, and the price tag. If you sacrifice any of these critical aspects, you might overwork your hitch and loosen, damage your truck, or drop your trailer midway through the ride.

Take a look at the top 10 fifth wheel hitches that are worth your penny.



Fifth Wheel Hitch: Editor’s Top Picks


Top 10 Best Fifth Wheel Hitch Reviews:

1. B and W RVK3300 Companion 5th Wheel Hitch

B&W Trailer Hitches 20K Companion OEM Fifth...


B& W is one of the best-selling brands in the production of reliable hitches. RVK3300 attaches to your truck with the under-bed mounting style. At least, the system gives you the versatility of either pulling a fifth wheel or a gooseneck.

This equipment fits in almost all Ford truck beds with pre-installed factory pucks. If you own the previous Ford models, you’ll need to invest in a puck rail system to enhance the compatibility. Therefore, RVK3300 stands to be the best fifth wheel hitch for f250super duty trucks.

About the design, the hitch has a fully articulating head, which pivots from the front to the back and sideways. It has double jaws that seamlessly wrap around the kingpin, hence, eliminating sloppiness. To achieve and maintain stability, RVK3300 brags a wide stance.

The installation process is as easy as ABC. Besides, there are no mounting rails. When you don’t need the trailer on the back of your truck, you can detach it and remove the hitch. From expert opinions and most user reviews, Companion is superior to the original Ford fifth wheel hitches.

Highlighted Features

  • A fully articulating head that allows side to side and front to backward pivoting
  • A gross trailer weight (GTW) of 20,000lbs and 5000lbs vertical load limit
  • A cam-action latching handle that releases easily regardless of the type of surface you’ve parked the fifth wheel
  • Adjustable pivot arms with three vertical tuning and three coupler positions
  • Fits in all Ford trucks with a puck rail system
  • Polyurethane bushings for eliminating rattling
  • A limited lifetime warranty

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2. Curt Manufacturing 16245 Trailer Hitch

CURT 16245 Q24 5th Wheel Hitch, 24,000 lbs


This Q24 fifth wheel hitch would tow a maximum trailer weight of 24,000 pounds. The vertical capacity goes down to 6000 pounds. Curt 16245 will ferry huge and heavy trailers, motorhomes, RVs, and oversized campers. Moreover, it is compatible with gooseneck adapters, in case you wish to tow an animal or gooseneck trailer.

The equipment boasts an aspherical axial bearing pivot system. This mechanism allows the head to swivel in any direction, hence, guaranteeing you a smooth ride. It is undoubtedly the best 5th wheel hitch for ram 3500.

Curt’s Q24 comes with double jaws for wrapping the kingpin. The connection reduces chucking and rattling from the moving parts. The short-throw handle is lockable and would automatically slot in the kingpin.

Installing, operating, and maintaining the 16245 fifth wheel hitch is a breeze. Even though you’re less of an expert in mechanics, the head will self-align once you attach the trailer. As such, there is zero room for errors during the coupling process.

Lastly, the Q24 hitch head has three grease fittings for facilitating the lubrication process. You should regularly lubricate the equipment to minimize wear and tear. Additionally, there are thick rubber stoppers for cushioning the head when it’s in motion, thus, reducing friction.

Highlighted Features

  • It tows trailers weighing up to 24,000 pounds
  • A self-aligning axial bearing pivot head with 360-degree tilt and a wide opening
  • Dual jaws wrap securely around the kingpin to provide stability and eliminate noise
  • Solid construction with carbide powder coat finish on the exterior for durability
  • The vertical load limit is 6000 pounds.
  • A three-position coupling indicator
  • A 10-year warranty

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3. Andersen 3220 – Aluminum Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection 2 Gooseneck Mount

ANDERSEN HITCHES | Ultimate Fifth Wheel...


Although its base only weighs 35lbs, Andersen 3220 is the best hitch for towing trailers as weighty as 24,000 pounds. Its tongue weight capacity is 4500lbs.

The equipment is so light such that you won’t sweat blood while getting it on the truck bed. You won’t even require a partner to help you. The average time you’ll take to complete the installation is about five minutes.

Andersen has taken the lead in the hitch revolution, and I’ll tell you how. Usually, 5th wheel hitches only depend on the kingpin for attachment. However, Andersen’s 3220 model rides on a ball. This unique ball-funnel allows the head to revolve in every direction, thus warranting you a smooth drive.

Whether your tow truck requires a traditional gooseneck or a rail mount, this brand has got your back. The set-up is compatible with standard gooseneck hitches.

With Andersen 3220, you’ve got up to three options of height adjustments from the vehicle bed to the top of the ball mount. The lower, mid, and upper positions fine-tune at 16¾, 17-7/8, and 19-1/8 inches, respectively.

Highlighted Features

  • A sturdy aluminum construction
  • A lightweight base for easy installation by only a single person
  • A GTWR of 24000lbs
  • The ball-funnel coupler simplifies the hook-up process and revolves in all directions
  • A self-aligning head
  • It has a tongue weight capacity of 4,500 pounds
  • Three height adjustment options between the truck bed and the ball mount top
  • A remote latching handle
  • An original U.S.A product

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4. B&W RVK3500 Companion Fifth Wheel Hitch

B&W Trailer Hitches Companion Fifth Wheel...


The most astounding feature of any b&w 5th wheel hitch is the rail-free design with an under-bed mounting system. This aspect means that there are no restrictions on your truck bed. If you aren’t hitching, you can detach the equipment and use the space for other purposes.

Talking of the design, RVK3500 will undoubtedly last longer than the lifespan of your trailer. The fact that it is a product of the US is enough to convince you of the high-grade construction.

The dual jaws consist of cast iron while the rest of the components are from steel. Additionally, the exterior has a grey powder-coating for resisting possible corrosions.

Featuring an adjustable 4-way pivoting head, RVK3500 will remain stable in both even and uneven terrains. If you plan to go camping on a rough and hilly campsite, this model will be okay with you.

This hitch adjusts vertically in three different positions from 16¼ to 18¼ inches. The front to back adjustments has three coupler positions.

Highlighted Features

  • A GTW of 20,000 pounds and the vertical trailer weight of 5,000lbs
  • Up to three vertical adjustment positions
  • 1″ thick double jaws for securing the kingpin and demoting sloppiness when the tow truck accelerates or brakes
  • A broad stance base for balancing the load and maximizing the stability
  • A cam-action latching handle, which releases at any surface type
  • Polyurethane bushings for eliminating noise, chucking, and rattling sounds
  • A fully adjustable head allows side to side, and back to forward pivoting

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5. Pro Series 30119 20K Fifth Wheel Hitch

Pro Series™ 20K Fifth Wheel Hitch...


When it comes to performance and versatility, the Pro Series 30119 model outdoes its competitors.

The hitch is lightweight and would install or detach easily. What makes it unique is the stability it provides on your fifth wheel. The grip fits tightly with a secure lock-up.

Being a four-way pivot system, the Pro Series 30119 model is more than flexible. The head automatically adjusts to different terrains by revolving back and forth or sideways. So, if you have to stop suddenly or accelerate on a hilly site, the system will cancel out the inertia.

A full package consists of a handle kit, legs, head, and head support. Although you’ll have to purchase a separate rail kit, this seems more like blessings in disguise. If you’re smart enough, you can pick on custom rail kits, which are specific to the model of your vehicle.

As a result, the equipment will cut down the time you could have taken to drill, weld, and install universal rails. The 30119 fifth wheel hitch is compatible with any rail system that fits in 16KPro Series or the Reese models.

The hitch has vertical adjustments in the range of 13 to 17 inches. You can tune it depending on your preference and the height of your trailer. If your fifth wheel is as high as 40-feet, don’t fret since Pro Series™ will still tow it safely.

Highlighted Features

  • A four-way pivoting head that hooks up rapidly and remains stable on a level or rough ground
  • The maximum towing capacity of 20,000 pounds
  • One grease fitting on the main bolt
  • Wide stance for extra stability
  • An auto-latching handle with cushion grip
  • Black powder coat on the exterior for eliminating corrosion

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6. B&W Trailer Hitches RVK3400 Companion Slider 5th Wheel Hitch

B&W Trailer Hitches RVK3400 Companion Slider...


Considering that it connects via a sliding hitch, RVK3400 model is the best fifth wheel hitch for short bed trucks. These models are quite expensive, which explains why the whole equipment is pricey.

When it comes to navigating tight areas, this model is a champ. The sliding hitch gives an extra 12” of clearance for sliding back and forth. Besides, it provides an excellent turning angle to ensure that your huge fifth wheel does not bang into the cab.

Just like other B and W hitches, RVK3400 mounts with a Turnoverball under-bed installation. You don’t require any rails to complete the set-up. A no-rail system saves both time and the cab space. If you need to use the truck bed for other purposes rather than towing, you will have to detach the equipment.

Despite installing RVK3400 as an under-bed hitch, you can also set it up on the truck bed. However, this may be unnecessary since it will monopolize much of the space.

Highlighted Features

  • A dual jaw connection
  • Gross towing capacity of up to 20,000 pounds
  • A sliding hitch with an extra clearance of 12 inches
  • It makes use of the under-bed mounting system
  • An articulating head that pivots in all directions
  • A cam-action latching handle

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7. Pro Series 30128 Fifth Wheel Hitch

Pro Series 30128 Fifth Wheel Hitch 15K


In your quest for the best fifth wheel hitch, you might have come across the Reese brand. This company dates back to 1952, hence, a familiar name in the towing industry. They not only specialize in fifth-wheel trailers and recreational vehicles but also a pioneer manufacturer of hitches.

Pro Series 30128 tows a gross weight of 15,000 pounds while the tongue capacity is only 3750lbs. To balance this mass, 30128 boasts a wide stance, which guarantees stability.

Thanks to the 4-way pivot system, Pro Series 30218 will hook up to the fifth wheel trailer even on an unlevelled ground. This head swivels in all possible directions.

The primary advantage of 30128 hitches is that it is easy on the pocket. What’s more, it comes with a complete set including the head, head support, legs, handle kit, and the rail kit.

Highlighted Features

  • A capacity of 15000lbs
  • An auto-latching handle with cushion grips
  • Wide stance for stability
  • A four-way pivoting head balances the trailer in uneven terrains
  • A rounded slide-bar hitching mechanism
  • Adjustable height in the range of 13″ to 17.”
  • A 10” mounting kit
  • Carbide powder-coat finish protects the hitch against corrosion

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8. Curt Manufacturing 16516 Towing Wiring

CURT 16516 E16 5th Wheel Slider Hitch for...


If you have a small trailer weighing less than 16,000 pounds, Curt 16516 certainly blend with your budget. It is compatible with several mounting options, such as standard base rails, gooseneck adapters, and OEM puck systems.

This hitch connects through a dual-axis pivoting system. The head swivels side to side with a 10-degree extension.

Another notable feature of Curt’s 16516, is the single-handle operation. This feature will automatically lock up the hitch during the coupling process. Additionally, you get four adjustment options, which readily adjust to correspond with the height of your cab.

Curt 16516 fifth wheel hitch comes with R16 rollers, which are responsible for rolling the head back and forth. The roller gives an extra clearance of up to 12 inches. At least, the displacement is enough to prevent the fifth wheel from hitting the cab when you’re navigating a corner.

Highlighted Features

  • 10-degree dual pivoting mechanism with a self-aligning head opening
  • Maximum towing trailer weight of 16,000 pounds
  • Up to four options of height adjustments
  • It is compatible with sidewinders
  • A unique anti-rattling sliding plate
  • Five-year warranty

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9. Fulton 30099 15K Fifth Wheel Hitch

Reese 15K Fifth Wheel Hitch (Includes: Head,...


For those on a tight budget, Fulton’s 30099 Pro Series™is the ideal choice. A full set consists of the head, head support, and a handle kit.

This product has a pin weight capacity of 3750 pounds, and it would carry a maximum of 15,000lbs. It matches up with both mini and full-size trailers.

Talk of the design, this 15K wheel hitch features solid construction with a black powder-coat finish. The metal is long-lasting and can withstand any weather conditions including rusts and corrosions.

Installing Pro Series™ 30099 is a breeze. The model brags a four-way pivoting head system for ease of installation and attachment on any surface. You get to fine-tune the head height within the range of 13 to 17 inches depending on the kind of trailer in use.

The slide-bar jaw allows for automatic latching with a tab for padlock security. If you want to use the lock, you will have to buy a separate latch and a rail kit. Fulton’s 30099 Pro Series is still among the few wheel hitches that go for a song.

Highlighted Features

  • 3750 pounds pin weight capacity
  • Accommodates a total of 15000 pounds
  • A four-way pivoting head system, which hinges from side to side, and back and forth
  • A mounting kit
  • A slide-bar jaw for securing the hitch with a padlock
  • A three-year limited warranty

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10. Curt Manufacturing 16521 A16 5th Wheel Hitch with Roller

CURT 16521 A16 5th Wheel Slider Hitch for...


Curt A-Series wheel hitches are compatible with several mounting options, including standard base rails, OEM puck system rollers, or gooseneck adapters.

What makes Curt’s 16521 different from other Curt series is its patented cast yoke head design. This feature accounts for the fifth wheel towing strength and maximum stability when hauling your truck, trailer, or RV. Therefore, you can bank on it as the best fifth wheel for Chevy Silverado 1500.

Most hitches are always noisy due to the loose connections at the jaws and the head. However, this is past tense for the 16521 wheel hitch. The product boasts a heavy-duty interlocking jaw system and torsion springs on the head, which enhance stability and a sequential quiet towing.

Setting up the hitch is as easy as the count of three. Curt’s 16521 legs include some alignment pegs for attaching to the body using convenient mounting bolts. There’s a one-pin head attachment for easy removal of the hitch.

If you love technology, this product will impress you. Well, smartness is not merely for electronics. Let me explain. The 16521 wheel hitch includes a lockable handle. Once you uncouple the device, the handle will automatically reset to a ready-to-couple status. Essentially, this means that you will have bypassed the initial hassle of re-tuning it again during the coupling process.

Highlighted Features

  • Cast steel construction
  • Maximum hauling capacity of 16,000 pounds
  • Interlocking jaws for stability and minimal noise
  • A lockable and self-resetting handle
  • Easy to set-up with mounting bolts and alignment pegs
  • An articulating, cast yoke pivoting head mechanism with two axes
  • A one-pin head attachment for quick hitch removal
  • A wide self-aligning opening at the hitch’s head for trouble-free coupling
  • It’s compatible with sidewinders
  • A limited lifetime warranty

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Things to Consider When Buying Fifth Wheel Hitch

There are several factors to base on when hunting for the best fifth wheel hitch. It’s not all about what strikes your fancy, as the buying guide inclines more on the type of truck and the trailer. After all, a hitch will never predict if your vehicle is capable of towing a trailer or not.

Take a look at the critical considerations when hunting for a wheel hitch;

  • The Towing Capacity

Before you can figure out the weight-carrying capacity of a wheel hitch, you need to know the specifications of both your trailer and the truck. What you require is the trailer’s overall weight including the contents you’ll be carrying. In this case, the Gross Trailer Weight (GTW) should tally with the truck’s towing capacity.

Fifth wheel hitches haul up to 24,000 pounds of motorhomes and heavy trailers. The average towing weight is usually 15,000lbs. Although the label will show these values, you’ll sometimes notice a product tagged with 15K, 16K or 24K. 16K depicts a carrying-capacity of 16,000lbs.

  • Ease of Installation

In as much as it’s difficult to tell whether a given fifth wheel hitch is easy to install, you can still check on a few aspects. The most important thing to look for is the set-up kit.

A package with a complete kit will save you on a grand scale, especially if you’re not a seasoned DIYer. Take, for example; custom rails that will perfectly fit the factory-drilled holes of specific trucks. In case you go for a universal rail, you’ll have to personally drill the holes through the vehicle’s frame before the installation.

  • Material

Most fifth wheel hitches are made of steel or aluminum. However, you can still find those that consist of fiberglass, tungsten, copper, or nickel.

If you want something that can endure heavyweight capacity without being prone to dents, steel is the go-to option. Some manufacturers would combine stainless steel with nickel or any other alloy to achieve maximum strength and durability.

Likewise, you should not overlook the fifth wheel hitch finish. Ensure it is glossy or it has a powder coat polish for preventing rusts and corrosions.

  • The Truck Bed Size

Sliding vs. Fixed Fifth Wheel Hitches

The capacity of your truck bed plays a significant role when determining the fifth wheel hitch that fits the bill.

I’ll explain. When making a turn, a trailer is likely to hit the vehicle’s cab especially when its bed is 6.5-feet or less. A slider hitch comes in hand as it gives adequate clearance within the range of 10” to 15”.

At least, there is enough room for the trailer to slide back and forth when riding on a straight road. What’s more, the sliding 5th wheel hitch provides a perfect turning angle as you negotiate a bend or sharp corner.

If you’re looking for the best fifth wheel hitch for short bed, this feature is vital. For trucks with full-size beds, a sliding hitch may not be necessary. You should go for the fixed position wheel hitch since it costs less.

  • Mounting Style

Rail vs. Under-the-Bed System

The most popular fifth wheel hitch mounting style is the rail system. Quite a few models would embrace the under-bed installation. Unlike its counterpart, under-bed systems require you to weld the brackets during the mounting process.

  • Budget

The average cost of a fifth wheel hitch is $500. The prices range between $150 to $2000 depending on the features and specifications of the product. For instance, hitches that accommodate heavy trailers are costly.

Other factors that determine the amount you’ll part with when shopping for the best fifth wheel hitch include the towing capacity, type, and the overall quality.

Similarly, the price should correspond with the warranty period. There’s no need to spend 1000 bucks on a fifth wheel hitch, which only offers a one-year limited warranty. Some companies like Curt Manufacturing are among the few that give a lifetime guarantee plan on their products.

Features and Benefits of Fifth Wheel Hitch

  • Bed Saver

A bed saver is among the safest features you can have on your fifth wheel hitch. It attaches to the 5th wheel. If the trailer uncouples and detaches out of the blue, the accessory will prevent it from falling on the truck.

In the case of this mishap, a bed saver will hold the fifth wheel hitch in place until you can fix the problem.

  • Sidewinder Extension

If yours is a short bed truck, you can shell out a few bucks for a sidewinder. This add-on attaches to the kingpin and provides an extra 20 inches from the trailer to the car.

  • Hitch Adapter

The hitch adapter will not only quicken the installation process but also provide extra clearance. Through the kit, you can adjust the height within the range of 12 and 16-inches.

  • Extended King Pin

An extended kingpin adds a couple of inches between the truck and the trailer, hence, giving enough clearance. Club this feature with a sliding bar fifth wheel hitch, and you’ll ride safely. Even when making some dangerous, sharp U-turns, the trailer will not gain contact with your truck.

  • Rail Kit

Universal vs. Custom Rail Kits

Some companies would include a rail kit in the fifth wheel hitch package. In most cases, these rails are universal, and they will fit on any truck bed. If you want to mount it on the vehicle’s frame, you might require to drill the holes.

Custom rails are convenient and specific to a given track. The best thing about the fifth wheel hutch custom rail is the fact that the installation process is a breeze. There’s no need to drill or trim the holes.

  • Install Brackets

Install brackets are useful when you have to mount the universal rails. Rather than drilling the frame, you can purchase custom-made brackets, which will perfectly fit in the pre-existing holes.

Quick install brackets clip to the sides of the frame on the underside of the truck bed. The only drilling you can make is through the vehicle’s bed when there’s the need for aligning the holes with that of the bracket. The installation process can take an hour less than the time you’d have spent without using the installation brackets.


Types of Fifth Wheel Hitches

Slide-bar Jaw

Low-cost fifth wheel hitches have this type of system. Slide-bar equipment is disadvantageous in that it has loose connections, noisy, and it’s susceptible to kingpin noises. Besides, these hitches will haul a maximum of 20,000 pounds of trailers.

Single Jaw

A single jaw system locks the kingpin in place with a straightforward set-up. The most amazing fact about them is that they are quite reliable when hauling extremely heavy trailers. The system seamlessly grasps the

Single jaw couplers are suitable for towing trailers with ratings of above 24,000 pounds.

Double Jaw

A double jaw is twice powerful than a regular hitch. In as much as it strongly clasps to the fifth wheel better than a single-bar jaw, this hitch does not hold heavy trailers.

Double jaw fifth wheel hitches are costly. Since they completely wrap the kingpin, the system produces very minimal noise and reduces the trailer’s movement.

This coupler design is common to hitches, which haul trailers with ratings of below 24,000lbs.

2-Way Pivot Head

This type of fifth wheel hitch pivots in two ways by revolving back and forth. It makes the head to adjust when riding on whichever ground.

Although this system is excellent when maneuvering on hilly terrains, it does not have a feasible rotating option for withstanding bumpy trails.

4-Way Pivot Head

A four-way pivot has an adjustable head, which rotates from side to side, backward, and forward. The best fifth wheel hitch usually has a four-way axis. The device is quite flexible and works fine for both even and uneven grounds. If you’re a frequent camper, you’ll have a confident ride when traversing hilly and rough grounds.

A four-way pivoting head acts by canceling out the inertia, which comes about when the trailer accelerates or brakes.

Gooseneck Hitch

These hitches will tow trailers with gooseneck designs. You will need to install it in the existing set-up or detach it when it is out of use. Gooseneck hitches consist of a pull rite, and some would include a hitch lock. The mounting or the removal process will only take 10 minutes of your time.

If you have both a fifth wheel and a horse trailer, don’t fret because a gooseneck hitch will facilitate the connection.


Fifth Wheel Hitch Installation

If you aren’t a seasoned mechanic, installing a fifth wheel hitch may seem as complicated as a Greek puzzle. Apart from lifting a hitch weighing as much as 100 pounds, you can also find it hard to interpret what the manual states.

Manufacturers will always include the instruction manual in the package or on their website. The trouble pops up when you open the booklet, only to realize it is in a foreign language. To avoid frustrations and save on time, go for a complete installation kit, which is specific to the model of your truck.

Let’s delve into the fifth wheel hitch installation process;

  • Check Out The State of Your Vehicle

Well, this is an obvious step since you already studied the condition of your truck before buying the hitch. However, it costs nothing to confirm and double-check the weight specifications, engine capacity, and the current state of the vehicle.

  • Establish the Optimum Towing Position

If you’ve got the installation instructions, you can confirm what the manufacturer says about the towing position. This aspect ensures that the weight of the trailer distributes evenly between the cab and the truck’s rear axle.

Meanwhile, you can measure and mark the distance between the cab and the rail positions. For a full-size bed truck, it should be around 4.5-feet. Short beds must be at least 3-feet.

Go forth and estimate the distance between the hitch and the tailgate. The measurements ought to be approximately 2.4 feet and 2.2 feet for long and short bed trucks, respectively. This position is where the bolt hole will be.

  • Bolt the Fifth Wheel Hitch in Place

Anchor the hitch to the frame using bolts to secure them in place and nuts for tightening them. For universal rails, you’ll have to drill the holes. It is safer to install it over a spray-in bed liner rather than a plastic one. Plastic bed liners are likely to disintegrate with time, hence, loosening the hitch.

Design of Fifth Wheel Hitch

  • A fifth wheel hitch has a down-facing kingpin, which attaches to the trailer. This device does not feature a ball hitch as it is the case with standard hitches. Contrary, it makes use of flat plates with horseshoe-shaped metal rails, which connect to the frame of the truck.
  • Once the truck is in motion, the sliding plates of the fifth wheel hitch and that of the trailer will keep brushing against each other. To prevent wear and tear on these moving parts, make sure to lubricate them frequently.
  • When you install it on the truck bed, the trailer hitch must cover the rear bumper to distribute the weight uniformly. For this reason, fifth wheel hitches are suitable for hauling heavy trailers and recreational vehicles (RV).


Frequently Asked Questions About Fifth Wheel Hitch

Q: Can I tow a 5th wheel trailer on a short bed truck?

  • Yes. Once the trailer meets the weight requirements of the truck, everything else is possible. However, there are some considerations to put in place.
  • If a truck bed is less than 7 feet, then it is short. If you were to pick a random hitch and haul a fifth wheel, chances are, the trailer will damage the cab when maneuvering tight corners.
  • If your truck has a short bed, ensure your trailer has an extended kingpin box. As you shop around, go for a sliding hitch as it gives extra inches for clearance. Besides, you can invest in some accessories such as a sidewinder or a kingpin extension.

Q: Can I install the fifth wheel hitch on my own?

  • It depends on the type of rail kit and your expertise. If you purchase a custom kit that’s specific to your vehicle, you will not require any assistance. However, universal kits are a bit complicated for amateurish DIYers.
  • Drilling the necessary holes on the frame may be a piece of cake but welding the brackets calls for professional skills. If you don’t know how to go about the installation process, stay safe and seek a pro to fix it.

Q: Which is better between a gooseneck and a fifth wheel hitch?

  • The main difference between these two hitches is that a gooseneck has a ball mount while a fifth wheel uses a kingpin. Although they’re all available in capacities of up to 30,000lbs, the former haul industrial or animal trailers while the latter tows recreational vehicles.
  • A fifth wheel is better since it has a smooth ride with minimal noise, road shock, or chucking. However, you can have both hitches on your truck bed in case you own gooseneck trailers and fifth wheels. One thing with a gooseneck hitch is that it’s easy to mount or remove.

Q: How much does a fifth wheel hitch cost?

  • The cost of a fifth-wheel hitch depends on its overall weight rating, quality, type, and brand. For the low-budget hitches, you’ll spend at most $300.
  • The high-end fifth wheel hitches will cost up to $2000. However, a price range of 500 to 700 bucks will be all right.

Q: Is it legal to ride on a fifth wheel?

  • It is not always safe for passengers to travel in a 5th wheel, but some states permit it. Take, for instance, you can do so in Pennsylvania, New York, or California, under certain conditions. There must be a functional exit, which opens from both in and outside, safety window glasses, and audio/visual devices that connect with the towing truck.
  • Other states that allow riding on a fifth wheel include Mississippi, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Indiana, Arizona, and 12 others.


Final Verdict

There are over five types of towing hitches, but a fifth wheel hitch is the ultimate choice for ferrying your recreational vehicle. Once you’ve safely secured it on the towing truck, the equipment guarantees you a safe and comfortable cross-country ride.

The only hassle about shopping for a 5th wheel hitch is the multiple options, brands, and models you’ll come across. However, we’ve helped you narrow down the choice to accommodate only the exceptional picks that will blow your mind.

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