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The Best Running Boards of 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

No matter if you have a Jeep Wrangler or a Chevy Silverado, the best running boards are an important piece of equipment to add to a lift kit or a traditional vehicle. This is the kind of upgrade that every vehicle owner needs to consider. Not only will great running boards add to the practical use of your car, but the aesthetic appeal will also be out of this world.

When buying the right running boards, they need to be made of tough construction, but they also need to be lightweight, so they do not drag your vehicle done. In this guide, we will talk about some of the best products to consider, a buying guide, and answer other important questions as you consider the best top power running boards money can buy.



Best Running Boards: Editor’s Top Picks


Top 20 Best Running Boards Reviews:

1. Tyger Auto TG-JA2J2239B Star Armor Kit

Tyger Auto Star Armor Compatible with...


Some of the best truck running boards come from Tyger Auto. With a girder system, you will have full wheel protection for the underside of your vehicle and rocker panels to keep your vehicle from getting damaged. You will never find yourself caught on obstacles because these running boards will keep you moving along the right way.

Made of 2-inch diameter construction, you will also notice the great wall thickness tubes, which are over 0.1 inches. This one-piece product is textured with a black finish that is completely powder-coated. To install this product, you will not have to worry either. As a bolt-on product, this is a great Do-It-Yourself (DIY) product that anyone could handle because of the easy-to-use instructions.

One of the last benefits to highlight for this product is the limited lifetime guarantee. If for any reason you run into manufacturing defects, Tyger Auto will have you covered. It is the peace of mind like this that has made Tyger Auto one of the best in the business.

Highlighted Features:

  • Weighs 86 pounds
  • The product is pre-treated to limit impurities
  • A socket set is all you need to install
  • Known for its great sturdiness
  • The product is sold in pairs
  • Presentation is a priority for Tyger Auto
  • Highly recommended for people looking to buy running boards for the first time

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2. AMP Research 76154-01A PowerStep Electric Running Boards

AMP Research PowerStep | 76154-01A | Fits...


If you are looking for some high-tech running boards, you have come to the right place with this next model. These electric-powered running boards are quite amazing. They instantly extend themselves when you open the door to your vehicle. Now, they might be worth a pretty penny, but you will see their value immediately.

When you shut the door to your vehicle, the running boards hide safely in the undercarriage. Additionally, they use an LED system that is low-profile in nature. These high-strength running boards will wow you because of their aluminum makeup. Even with military specifications, your running boards will never wear down, due to corrosion.

The stainless steel pins keep for great stability, and you will not have to worry about maintaining it through the life of your vehicle. With all-weather performance, even the hottest sun and coldest snow will not affect your great running boards. Your product will also be able to hold 600 pounds of weight if you are needing to use it as a stepping stool to put something on the roof of your vehicle.

Highlighted Features:

  • A 5-year warranty comes standard
  • Made in the United States of America
  • Weighs just over 50 pounds
  • Comes in the color black
  • Folds out with the front and rear doors
  • Great plug and play product
  • Super easy to clean

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3. APS iBoard Running Boards

APS iBoard Running Boards 5 inches Compatible...


iBoard running board reviews might not be in your wheelhouse, but they should be after looking at this amazing product. Ranging from 4 to 6-inch options, you will receive 2 running boards, brackets, and a hardware kit, so you can do this installation all by yourself. Made of aircraft-grade material, the heavy-duty aluminum will fight hard against rust and it can take on 300 pounds of loading capacity.

With the help of corrugated rubber, you will be able to step onto these running boards without falling off or slipping. A unique design will impress you and others around you. Its low profile creation will only need a little drilling done to create a great custom fit. Weighing only 22.4 pounds, these running boards are some of the lightest ones in today’s market.

Highlighted Features:

  • Great polished finish on the exterior of these running boards
  • Made of ultraviolet ray (UV) resistant technology
  • Precision technology creates for great Unibody fabrication
  • Not made with any plastic parts
  • iBoard is linked with APS products since 1995
  • Made in the United States of America
  • Amazing instructions to follow along to

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4. APS Premium 4-inch iBoard Running Boards

APS Premium 4in iBoard Running Boards...


APS has made some of the best running boards for Chevy Silverado with this next model. Let us start with the fact that these running boards are really easy to put together. With every purchase, you will receive two running boards and the mounting hardware to boot. This bolt-on technology will save you a lot of time in the long run.

These running boards are huge 4-inch diameter alternatives that allow for the greatest of footing. With a wider stepping area, you can rest assured that you will never slip and slide when trying to get into your vehicle. Made of aircraft aluminum, these boards, resist corrosion and rust, so you will never have a problem in that department. Also, the rubber is UV resistant, so the sun will be no match with your boards either.

Highlighted Features:

  • Product only weight 36.6 pounds
  • The exterior is polished for the ultimate finish
  • Can handle up to 300 pounds of loading capacity
  • Shipping takes less than a week to get the product out
  • The length of the boards is 80 inches
  • Great value for the money you pay
  • The installation will only take about an hour

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5. MaxMate Custom Fit 2009-2018 Ram Step Rails Nerf Bar

MaxMate 4' Nerf Bars Compatible with...


If you decide to buy from MaxMate, you will receive a 2-piece running board set and mounting brackets to get you set upright. As some of the best running boards for Ram 1500s, you will not have to worry about the installation, unless you plan to pair these boards with quad cabs or mega cabs. In that case, you will not be able to use these running boards. DIY instructions are included for the right vehicle when you are ready to proceed.

The bars of made of 4-inch steel tubing that is welded with stainless steel caps. With every purchase from MaxMate, understand that the product is UV resistant and you will not slip when stepping on the boards either. Bolt-on installation allows you to need only minimal drilling to connect it to your vehicle. If any drilling is needed, only expect to make 1/4-inch holes to supply a great hold.

Highlighted Features:

  • The product weighs 46.8 pounds
  • Step bars are manufactured by an OE standard qualified company
  • Running boards can be used with other SUVs and Jeeps as well
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Installation takes less than an hour
  • Will still have a room with mudflaps with these running boards

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6. Tyger Auto TG-AM2D20078 Star Armor Kit

Tyger Auto Star Armor Compatible with...


Tyger Auto makes another great option for you to consider with these running boards. If you have 4-Door models, these boards will work great for you, but not when it comes to chassis models, quad cabs, or mega cabs. One thing you notice about Tyger Auto is their amazing star-studded step pads. Of course, they will help you in and out of your vehicle, but they will also protect the undercarriage of your vehicle in case your vehicle ever has a collision or goes off-roading.

This model holds up to 500 pounds of weight by using 2-inch diameter tubing. It is a heavy-duty make-up like this that is turning heads in Tyger Auto’s direction. Made of one solid piece, this powder-coated finish has a magnificent black color. When installing, you will be able to bolt it right to the undercarriage, or you will only need to drill 1/4-inch holes to help with stability. Also, you may have to cut a little and remove tow hooks to install the running boards properly. This may negatively interfere with sensors on your vehicle, but overall it should not be a problem.

It is a DIY project like this that will bolt your running boards on securely for years to come. Lastly, with a 5-year warranty, you will not have any hassle with Tyger Auto. With any manufacturing defects, Tyger Auto will replace the running boards for you with no questions asked.

Highlighted Features:

  • This product weighs 91 pounds
  • Tyger Auto uses quality OE standards with their running boards
  • These running boards are a United States Patented Design
  • Tyger Auto has local customer support to help its clients
  • Instructions are really clear for the installation process
  • Great, sturdy construction
  • Sensational presentation of this product

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7. Tyger Auto TG-RS2D40068  Side Step Nerf Bar Running Boards

Tyger Auto 4' Riser Running Boards Compatible...


If you have a quad cab vehicle, and not a crew and mega cab, then you should check out these next boards. As some of the best running boards around, these step bars are perfect for the passenger and driver sides. All the hardware and instructions are included for this DIY project. With 4-inch steel tubing, this powder-coated substance will not rust or be penetrated by the sun’s rays.

By using bolt-on technology, your installation will be a breeze. There may be some minimal drilling for support brackets, but there should not be a problem for your vehicle moving forward. Remember that you will have a 5-year warranty if ever anything goes wrong.

Highlighted Features:

  • The product weighs 55.2 pounds
  • These running boards exceed all OE standards
  • Made in the United States of America
  • Your transportation will not be dinged by other vehicles
  • Threaded inserts allow for great stability
  • Amazing functionality for what you pay for
  • Simple installation process

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8. APS iBoard Running Boards 5″ Black Custom Fit

APS iBoard Running Boards 5' Black Custom Fit...


These 5″ running boards are a great option for your vehicle. With every purchase, you will receive 2 separate running boards, mounting brackets, and a hardware kit to allow for the easiest of installs. Made of 6061-T6 Aircraft grade aluminum, it is running boards like these that will not corrode, are durable, and can hold up to 300 pounds of weight.

Slipping will not be an issue either with this product. With every step you take, you will comfortably get in and out of your vehicle with ease. The low design of this product is different from others on the market, allowing them to separate from the field in a great way.

Highlighted Features:

  • These running boards only weigh 42 pounds
  • The exterior is covered in a black-powdered finish
  • Compact construction
  • Zero plastics are used with this product
  • Made in the United States of America
  • Will add great appeal to your vehicle
  • Running boards take an hour to install

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9. Silverado Crew Cab 5″ Oval Side Step Nerf Bar

5 Inches Oval Tubing Side Step Nerf Bar...


Auto Dynasty makes this next product for Chevy and GMC trucks. Made of durable stainless steel, this rust-resistant product will blow your mind. Best-rated running boards for trucks do not come around all that often, but they do when it comes to this product. With large step pads, that are 5″ in diameter, you will not slip when getting in and out of your truck. It is high-grade tubing that will hold over time, staying strong even with 500 pounds of weight bearing down.

No drilling need for this product because of the mounting points. Decide upon chrome or black to add to the elegance of your vehicle. Also, the bars will protect your vehicle from lower-body damage. With the help of professional technicians, massive research was done to create applications for the most popular vehicles around.

Highlighted Features:

  • The product will fit for diesel engines
  • Bolts and washers help with added stability
  • Mount easily on the truck body
  • Install with ease
  • Great price for the product you are purchasing
  • The only tools needed are socket wrenches
  • Extra sturdy construction

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10. Genuine Toyota Accessories PT938-89100 Running Board

Genuine Toyota Accessories PT938-89100...


As a genuine Toyota option, this is the last product we will take a hard look at, with other small synopsizes of other nerf bars to follow. For any Toyota SUV or truck, these boards will be perfect for your vehicle. This OEM product is compatible specifically for Toyota 4-Runners. A warranty for 1-year or 12,000 miles comes standard with this product.

All the step pads are skid-resistant, so you will have a good grip every time you enter or leave your vehicle. With secure fitting, you can be sure of the stability. When installing, you can use the installation manual and user manual to get the job done correctly.

Highlighted Features:

  • Running boards weigh 40.2 pounds
  • Load capacity is 205 pounds
  • Plastic is constructed over the steel
  • The installation will take you less than an hour
  • The product will last as long as your vehicle
  • Perfect for offroading
  • No welding required during installation

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11. Westin 23-1680 Polished Step Bars

Westin 23-1680 E-Series 3 Nerf Step Bars fits...


Westin makes a nice set of step bars that will surely catch your eye. The polished exterior is something that few running boards have, so it stands out in that way. Additionally, this product will save you time and money, as you will actually enjoy the installation process. When you are finished with the quick installation, then you can go onto the next project to complete.

Highlighted Features:

  • Weighs 43 pounds
  • Comes with mounting brackets that are completely customized
  • Protected with UV-resistant technology
  • No need for drilling with this product
  • Bolt-on installation is the way to go
  • Backed with a 5-year warranty
  • Steel tubes are 3-inches in diameter

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12. Bully BBS-1103 Black 2-Pack Side Step

Bully BBS-1103 Truck Black Powder Coated Side...


Bully wants to make a product that protects your vehicle while being a bully to other vehicles that do not stay in their own lane. So many body damage issues could be spare with a quality sidestep to take the blunt of the accident. Regardless of what you decide, Bully should definitely be at the top of your list with benefits that will make you a happy camper.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes forged with aluminum to hold up to 350 pounds
  • Fits most SUVs and trucks from Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Toyota, and GMS
  • Can buy black or polished aluminum
  • A 1-year warranty is what you can expect
  • The step is 3.5-inches to allow a stable foothold
  • Only weights 8 pounds per step
  • Can be bolted into the body for added durability and stability

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13. Silverado Crew Cab 3-inch Side Step Nerf Bar

3 Inches Side Step Nerf Bar Running Boards...


Another Silverado/Sierra option comes in the form of this next model. Running boards may be a dime a dozen, but this one stands out where few can in the realm of construction. This alternative option will impress you with its well-made design that is not only good to look at. It is sturdy and willing to take punishment along the road.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of 3″ steel tubing
  • Can handle up to 500 pounds
  • No drilling needed
  • Constructed with stainless steel
  • Rust-resistant technology
  • Perfect for any truck or SUV
  • Finished with polished chrome

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14. MaxMate Custom Fit 1999-2018 Chevy Silverado

MaxMate 3' Nerf Bars Compatible with...


MaxMate is one of the perfect running boards available for a few reasons. First, it works on a variety of makes and models. Secondly, the brand does not cut any corners to give you the very best possible running boards for your vehicle. Without a company like MaxMate, the world would surely miss the mark that it is leaving in the automotive world.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with DIY instructions and essential hardware
  • No drilling needed with this product
  • UV-resistant with no-slip padding
  • Made of stainless steel tubing
  • Weighs 41.1 pounds
  • Running boards connect to the cab mounts
  • Great instruction directions

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15. TAC Aluminum Black Side Steps Nerf Bar Step Rails

TAC Running Boards Compatible with 2016-2022...


TAC Running Boards are one of the few models that work with Honda Pilots. You may not think that a Pilot needs the added step. But, if you want to protect your vehicle right, then there is no better option than the one listed here. It is a strong option that could really save your vehicle in the long run. There is no better option than this one as a Honda owner.

Highlighted Features:

  • Running boards weigh 42.9 pounds
  • Product dimensions are 72 by 7 b 13 inches
  • The diameter is 5.5 inches
  • A slip-proof product
  • Made of marine-grade edge trim
  • Bolt-on installation will save you a lot of time
  • 5-year warranty included

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16. Mopar 82215164 Jeep Wrangler  Side Steps

Mopar 82215164 Jeep Wrangler Four Door JL...


Another Jeep Wrangler option is from Mopar. As a top brand, Mopar makes quality side steps that will stand the test of time. They will stay mounted to your vehicle and you will not have to fine-tune this product at all. Since Jeep Wrangler models need to hold up in the harshest of conditions, these side steps will fit with the theme of the vehicle.

Highlighted Features:

  • The product weighs 18 pounds
  • Made of textured plastic
  • Go from the front and back wheels
  • Still works with mud flaps
  • Amazing value for the money you pay
  • Look great on any Jeep product
  • The installation will take less than half an hour

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17. EAG Nerf Bars Side Step Armor Rock Guards

EAG Nerf Bars Side Step Armor Rock Guards...


The next set of nerf bars is made by EAG. They pride themselves on a product that is impenetrable and covered in armor. With a company like this, expect great customer satisfaction because of the overall value. For Jeep Wrangler models, you will be receiving an essential product that every vehicle owner should consider buying. Do not hem and haw over this product. Just go out and buy this product and you will not be disappointed.

Highlighted Features:

  • The product weighs 60.6 pounds
  • Dimensions for this product are 61 x 18.9 x 6.7 inches
  • Made of steel tubing
  • Perfect for a lifted Jeep
  • Fights against corrosion
  • Comes with all the hardware you will need
  • Textured black is the color it comes in

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18. Rampage 26317 Textured Black Slimline 2″ Drop Step Side Bars

RAMPAGE PRODUCTS 26317 Textured Black...


Rampage Products makes the next set of sidebars. If you are a Dodge Ram owner, you will really like this product because of its quality and the service that is provided to you. Great customer service and a solid construction team make Rampage Product one of the most well-rounded companies. Unfortunately, if you do not own a Dodge vehicle, this product will not work for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • The product weighs 61 pounds
  • A cover is included for the slimline bars
  • No drilling is needed with this product
  • Skid-protection will not make you slip
  • Durable enough to last as long as your vehicle
  • Made as a 2-inch tubed bar
  • This product comes in a pair

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19. N-FAB T1464R Textured Black Nerf Step

N-Fab Nerf Steps | Textured Black,...


The nerf step, from N-FAB, is a great option if you are looking for something a little smaller. These steps are ones that allow you to put your foot on the step without having to install it all the way across your truck or SUV. Even though N-FAB is not as well known as some of the other nerf steps on the list, you can still trust that they make a quality project that will hold up over time. No matter if you have a truck or an SUV, this product could definitely work for you and your lifestyle.

Highlighted Features:

  • The product weighs 51.2 pounds
  • Made of completed welded construction
  • Comes in 1 solid piece
  • Uses 4 stages of powdered coating
  • A 5-year warranty comes standard
  • Bolt-on technology allows for a quick install
  • The exterior is all textured black

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20. Bestop 75306-15 Rear-Mount Trekstep

Bestop 7530615 Rear-Mount Trekstep for...


Bestop is the last running board on our more products section. The company has been around for a while and prides itself on making the best products available for its clients to buy. Know that you will be getting a product that is perfect for inclement weather, as well as a booster to get you in and out of your cab. If you own a Dodge vehicle, there is no better option on the market for you to take advantage of. With great customer service and a friendly return policy, you can rest at night knowing you made the right decision for your vehicle.

Highlighted Features:

  • The product only weighs 11 pounds
  • Load capacity can handle 300 pounds of weight
  • Warranty is 3 years or 36,000 miles
  • The installation will only take you 10 minutes of time
  • Construction is made from aluminum and stainless steel
  • Steps hide beneath your vehicle’s undercarriage
  • Falls 6 inches below the rear bumper

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Things to Consider When Buying Running Boards


To understand what are the best running boards, you need to understand the ins and outs of this product to help you to make the best decision possible. Let us start with the construction material of running boards.

  • 1. Construction Materials

One of the first things you should figure out before you make your purchase is understanding what your running boards are made out of. Think of this as buying a new pair of shoes or clothing. Some materials hold up better, but they might also cost a lot. On the other hand, the cost might be less, but the product might not hold up as well over time.

This is the same way you should view the best stop running boards. The main metals you will see are stainless steel and aluminum. These materials can be sturdy and long-lasting. Another benefit of these running boards is the fact that they are very lightweight. Now, they are not as lightweight as plastic, but they hold up a whole lot better. Plastic is another option for running boards. While they cost less, they will not work for you as long as aluminum and stainless steel will.

That is why if you are using plastic, the product may be more susceptible to dings and dents. These bumps and scrapes will start to look bad on your beautiful vehicle. Depending on how long you play to have your vehicle, this might go into your thoughts on what material to buy as well.

  • 2. Padding Materials

The stepping pad is also imperative when finding the perfect running boards for you. Plastic is the most common substance used here. Unfortunately, with plastic, it wears down over time. Rubber is another material used for padding. As more of a high-end product, these stepping pads have amazing grip. So, if you live in an area with poor weather, rubber steps would be your best bet.

  • 3. Electric vs. Traditional Running Boards

Another thing you should think about is the difference between traditional and electric running boards. Your traditional options will cost a lot less than electric. Also, they will either fold into your vehicle or they will stay mounted in place. In one sense, if they stay mounted outside of your vehicle, a car accident impacting the sides of your vehicle will not incur much damage at all. Only your running boards will take the hit.

On the other hand, electric running boards are the most expensive model you can buy. Because they use a mechanical system, these running boards fold down when you open the door to your vehicle. As you close the door to your vehicle, the running boards will fold back into place. Over time, the mechanical system may have some wear and tear, but for the most part, people like this product because of its functionality.

  • 4. Knowing Your Width

Having the right width for your vehicle can be a benefit for a few reasons. First, width protects your paint job, in case someone bashes their door into your vehicle. Additionally, a bigger width allows for a bigger surface area to step. However, if you have too big of a footpad, you may have trouble getting underneath your vehicle for an oil change or for fixing something in your undercarriage. In this case, you would need a car ramp or a jack to get your vehicle up in the air.

  • 5. Understanding Finishing Options

There is a variety of finishes to look into when getting the right running boards for your vehicles. Some of the options include black powder-coated, polished, chrome, textured powder-coated, black, painted, and anodized aluminum. Each has its pros and cons, so let us dive into each with more info.

When it comes to black power-coated and polished running boards, these are the most common options in the 21st Century. They are the most popular because of its reasonable price, as well as added protection. Chrom and textured powder-coated are popular, as well, but they cost more. The last three (black, painted, and anodized aluminum) are not as popular because of its limited durability, but they all cost a lot less than the first options.

  • 6. Running Board Choices

There are a few types of running boards that you should be aware of to make an educated decision. Starting with size step bars, these can be placed exactly where you want to be. This allows for easy access in and out of the vehicle.

Tread running boards run the entire length of a vehicle, but they are bulky and stick out more than other options. Full-sized step bars are nice, as well, because they extend the entire length of the vehicle. Lastly, check out power step running boards. These automatically open when you open the door to your vehicle. Also, during the night, they have LEDs on the running boards to help you navigate where to make your appropriate step into the vehicle. With great ground clearance and perfect aerodynamics, this is truly the gold standard of running boards.

  • 7. Getting a Warranty

A warranty should not be overlooked either. Every company that makes running boards should have at least a trial period to let you figure out if you like their product or not. Some warranties can last for a few years up to 5 years, while others dive into the mileage that you can occur over a certain period. For most, this is plenty of time for your running boards to last as long as you own the vehicle.

Still, it is imperative to consider the warranty you want. If you think you will be owning the car for a while, and you have the money, then buy a running board with an extra warranty. However, if you are looking for these running boards to be around for a short time, then do not worry so much about a warranty.


Nerf Bars vs. Running Boards


The debate between nerf bars and running boards is an important one to have a full understanding of. Let us start with nerf bars. First off, nerf bars were originally used in high-speed racecars. Aggressive drivers would pay the price if they ran into a neighbor’s nerf bars. Today, they are primarily used for trucks to help fend off denting and mud and gravel splashing. Additionally, the bars are great for whipping your feet on them to remove debris and mud before entering the vehicle.

Many nerf bars come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most are made from steel and aluminum, which means they can hold up to 500 pounds of weight. When it comes to nerf bars, the rubber footing grip allows for the best non-slip protection and it is a sleek option to the human eye. Now, some nerf bars can run from the front wheels to the back wheels. This allows for great access into the cab and the bed of the truck as well. Nerf bars also come in oval-shaped tubes, which add more security than the rounded ones.

Since nerf bars protect against rock chips and other debris on the road today, you will love the added safety this product can give you. As you travel, scratches on your side panels will be a thing of the past. But, do know, when the cold weather comes, nerf bars do not seem to hold up as well as running boards. Nerf bars become slippery when wet and dewy conditions can start to cause havoc. If you do run into this problem, you can easily wipe off the bars and then stand on them, as they will be ready to use again.

The running boards, on the other hand, allow for a great amount of foot space when entering or leaving your vehicle’s cab. With non-slip options, you will have firm footing wherever you step on your running board. Especially if you are dealing with rain, snow, or ice, running boards do not need to be wiped off to be successful. You will still have firm footing no matter what.

In particular, running boards are great for shorter passengers. Especially if you have a lifted truck, a running board is a must-have for your vehicle. Additionally, with a running board, your exterior paint will be protected because opposing vehicles will hit your running boards first. In turn, your paint job will stay supreme. They are also great as a doormat to wipe your feet before getting into the vehicle.

Specifically, you will see running boards made of plastic, fiberglass, steel, and aluminum. All of these materials are quite durable and stand the test of time. Also, they look good, so you will have people turning heads to see what you have added to your vehicle.

But, there are still some cons when dealing with running boards as well. Ground clearance of your truck should be thought about before getting running boards. With the wrong running boards, it will be a challenge to get under your vehicle for whatever reason.

Another problem is that running boards will get dirty over time. This means more car washes for your vehicle. During the winter, snow will pile onto your running boards, too. With this combination, you will have to do some cleaning, but think of it this way. If that mess stays outside of your vehicle, the inside will stay classy and beautiful.

At the end of the day, you have to decide which is best for you and your lifestyle. Both nerf bars and running boards are here to help you get in and out of your vehicle with ease. Think of them as ladders to safely place you in your truck or SUV. With this convenience in mind, your vehicle will look closer to the ground, give you peace of mind as you step up.

Additionally, both nerf bars and running boards are slip-resistant. Ultimately, it comes down to your preference of style. What materials do you like, and what functionality do you want? Answer these questions will set you up for what you like better between nerf bars and running boards.


Advantages of Using Running Boards


There are a few advantages that you should know when it comes to running boards. The main reason is it beneficial for people to step up in the vehicle. This reason is imperative for children or an elderly individual who may need to get into your raised vehicle. This will help against mobility, which could be a challenge here.

Protection is also a stellar reason to get great running boards. Protecting your paint should be a priority for your vehicle. Especially if you want to sell the truck or SUV one day, getting running boards is a no-brainer. Even if you have a raised vehicle, a car in front of you can kick up debris causing issues to your vehicle behind them. This is where running boards come into play. With wider boards, stones and gravel will be blocked from hurting your precious vehicle.

Appearance is another reason why you need to get running boards. Do you think your vehicle looks great now? Wait until you have installed some mighty running boards. You will look at your vehicle in a whole new way. Running boards will catch your eyes and the eyes of others. With a variety of options to choose from, you can focus on getting materials that are subtle enough that people will look at your vehicle, without thinking it is overkill.

The last benefit to a running board is the resale value of your car. Any owner of a vehicle with a running board knows the value that it can bring. Do not just take our word for it! Running boards on a vehicle are a gamechanger in the automotive market, so do not fall behind without getting one to improve your chances of selling.


How to Install Running Boards


For most of the running boards on the market today, installation should not take you more than an hour to complete. When installed, you, your family and even your dog will be able to get in and out of your vehicle in no time at all. But, you need to install it first, so check out this information to get the job done right.

First, you need the right tools. A socket set, wrenches, gloves, safety glasses, and a creeper will help you get started. Next, install the bolt plate through the factory holes in the undercarriage of your chassis. Most of the time, you should not have to drill extra holes; they should already be done for you.

Attaching the brackets in the front is the next thing you should do. With the provided hardware that comes with your running board, make sure they are finger tight. Then, proceed to the center brackets and the rear ones to finish the prep for your running board. Know that the bracket number to install depends on your vehicle’s make, model, year, and size of cab.

After you have done all that, it is time to finally add your running boards. Use the treaded positions and lay them face down. Then, you can place the boards on the brackets and start feeding the bolts through the running boards and into the brackets. Finger-tightness is another way to know that your running boards are added appropriately. Then, you can tighten both sides of the running boards with a drill to finish up this portion of the installation.

Lastly, try out your running boards. Check them out periodically to see if they are still bolted down effectively or not. Re-tightening is something you can do every so after to make sure you do not have any problems with your great running boards.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions


Here are a few of the top questions asked about running boards that you should know the answer to when diving into the process.

Q1: If I install running boards to my vehicle, will other warranties become null and void?

This is a very common question across the running board’s world because people want to know if their truck or SUV will still get the perks it deserves when adding on to the vehicle. Start by reading through your vehicle’s warranty package. There should be a section about upgrades and amendments to your vehicle. Since most running boards are supposed to go in pre-existing holes, your warranty should not be affected.

However, there may come a time when you need to drill your holes to install the running boards. If this is the case, your warranty may be affected. This would be under alterations to your vehicle and it could hurt the value in the process.


Q2: How much can running boards hold weight-wise?

This varies between products, but most factory standard running boards can hold up to 500 pounds. Some of the smaller weight capacities settle in at about 350 pounds.


Q3: When were running boards first created?

Right after World War II, running boards became more popular on vehicles because they had been installed on tanks and other defense vehicles. The concept stuck, and now running boards are used all over the world.


Final Verdict

The best running boards truly are a sight to see. They help you get in and out of your vehicle, work to protect your truck or SUVs’ exterior, and add value whenever you are ready to sell. With benefits like this, it is a no-brainer to buy running boards for your vehicle. So, go out there and start researching running boards that will fit you best. Because as soon as you get them installed and ready to go, you will enjoy them for as long as you own the vehicle. Happy trails as you drive around with your amazing running boards attached wherever you roam.

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