Best Rust Converter for Truck Frame

The Best Rust Converter for Truck Frame in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

We have all ran into a situation where things start to rust. This can be awful when it impacts your truck. But, have no fear because we have the best rust converter for truck frame options here for you today in this article. Luckily for you, any rust that has accumulated on your truck can be fixed and replenished like new.

But, you may still have questions involving what products to buy and how does this works in the first place. You will learn all of this in due time. Throughout this article, you will learn about the best products on the market, as well as the benefits and questions that need to be answered.

When you finish up, you will be ready to purchase your very own converter to help your truck regain its positive image. So, without further ado, it is time to get into the world of converters for your truck.



Best Rust Converters for Truck Frames: Editor’s Top Picks


Top 10 Best Rust Converter for Truck Frame Reviews:

In the list below, we have compiled the very best 10 options for you to peruse. From all sorts of markets and price levels, you will be able to find a converter that works for you. Then, you can kiss rust goodbye.


1. Corroseal Water-Based Rust Converter

Corroseal Water-Based Rust Converter Metal...


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The first item to dissect comes to us from Corroseal. All in one stage, you can paint and prime before any conversion takes place. As a water-based solution, rust will go away with the help of a latex primer perfect for metal. You will not believe your eyes when your metal surfaces are returned to normal. In turn, your metal will last longer than ever before against the hands of nasty corrosion and rust.

As a non-corrosive and non-flammable option, this formula could help save your bacon. Let us explain. Since it cleans up easily with water and soap, you will be home in time for dinner with no questions asked. Then, your truck will be all shiny and bright.

During the application process, make sure to apply lightly. With the help of a spray, roll, or brush, you can use this substance to your advantage. Specifically, you can apply from 200 to 250 square feet for every gallon you buy of this solution. It is a no-brainer to work for your truck, as well as boats and other household metal products.

Quick Consideration

  • Not hazardous to your health
  • Perfect for other items like mailboxes and fences
  • No need for sandblasting
  • The product only weighs 10.4 pounds
  • Can you and re-use this product every 2 weeks
  • The adhesion process is outstanding

Now Think Again

  • Cannot be applied to blasted steel
  • You must prepare the surface or this product will not work


2. Permatex 81849-12PK Rust Treatment

Permatex 81849-12PK Rust Treatment, 10.25 oz....


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The next rust converter to keep your eyes on comes to us from Permatex. As an easy applicated spray or brush, your work will get a whole lot easier. Any rust that this solution is sprayed on ends all issues. With the rust disappearing before your eyes, only a few minutes will pass until you have no more problems.

After the rust disappears, you will see a black coating appear. This coating will be extra tough as long as you own your vehicle. You will also love the fact that this spray is a primer as well if you are looking to give your truck a similar or different paint job. So, if you need this spray to help with fiberglass or as a body filler, you will be good to go with this product.

At only 11.1 pounds, this converter is extremely lightweight, and it will not weigh you down, as you work on your truck to find rust spots. Make sure though, as you are working on your truck, that you only apply this treatment when the temperature outside is between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This way, you will get the best covering imaginable for your truck.

Quick Consideration

  • The treatment will prevent rust in the future
  • Work well on valves and fences additionally
  • Not a harsh chemical that will hurt the environment
  • Very easy to add to your truck
  • The compound is extremely durable and will hold up
  • Great description instructions to help you along the right way

Now Think Again

  • The compound will not hold up if temperatures go over 200 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Not ideal for repairs on sheet metal


3. Rust Converter ULTRA

FDC Rust Converter Ultra, Highly Effective...


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The next brand, from FDC, is one of the best rust converters for truck frame options on the market today. What this product does to rust is purely amazing. First, the rust is annihilated and converted to a sweet coating. When this happens, moisture will no longer be able to wreak havoc on that part of your truck ever again.

As you work with this product, you will notice that a lot of time will be saved because you will not have to deal with sandblasting, scraping, or grinding. Just use the spray and all your rust problems will evaporate.

With every purchase of this product, you will get 1-gallon of liquid, which can handle 500 square feet of the surface. Not bad for the price you pay, when you could essentially cover a dumpster will 1-gallon on this solution.

The protection you will get from this product will be unparalleled as well. No matter the weather conditions, this product will hold up to your liking. What is not to love about this product?

Quick Consideration

  • Can be used on trucks, machinery, tools, and boats
  • Comes with a 30-day guarantee or your money back
  • Amazing customer service that wants to hear from you
  • The product only weighs 8 pounds
  • The easy application will let you get on with more important things in life
  • No thinning is needed with this product

Now Think Again

  • Must shake and stir the product for it to work appropriately
  • A topcoat is needed for this product to work effectively


4. POR-15 4540 Rust Preventive Coating Semi-Gloss Black

POR-15 Rust Preventive Coating, Stop Rust and...


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POR-15 steps to the center stage next to show off its exceptional rust remover. With this product, rust is sealed away permanently for an amazing solid finish. Luckily for you, with this product, you do not need to remove any rust beforehand, as some products ask for. Also, since this product is lead-free, you will not worry about the harsh affection of traditional converters.

Of course, your truck with thank you for using a product like this, but other metal substrates can benefit from this product as well. This means that you could help eliminate rust on fences, boats, other automobiles, tables, grills, etc. The possibilities are truly endless here for you and your truck.

Ultimately, when you choose this product, you will get a permanent solution to an annoying problem. With a non-porous moisture barrier, you will love this chemical resistance that will stand the test of time. No chipping, peeling, or cracking will happen after you use this product that certainly stops any rust problems at the source.

Quick Consideration

  • The product only weighs 2.4 pounds
  • The product dries rock-hard and will not scratch
  • Only need a 3 step process to get the results you are looking for with this product
  • The adhesion from this product is second to none
  • The packaging and shipping of this product are quick and practical
  • The application is made super easy to use for even converter beginners

Now Think Again

  • Only for professional use
  • The product is sensitive to UV light


5. TotalBoat Rust Primer Converter

TotalBoat Rust Primer Converter (GALLON) |...


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The product name may be TotalBoat, but this product can surely work for your truck. If you are wanting a substance that will stop rust altogether, you have found it here. As a metal treatment solution, rust will be a figment of your imagination, leaving you ready to prime or paint your vehicle, if you choose to next.

Not only can you use this substance for your truck, but it is great on bikes and boats as well. As an acid-base phosphoric converter, you can expect this substance to work for you like you never thought possible before.

First, the product restores your vehicle to its original glory. Next, the solution preserves the truck day after day, even in the harshest of conditions. Lastly, your metal will be protected for all the world to see. Sounds like a win-win to us.

Even if you are not using this product on the rusted parts of your vehicle, you can add it to the new metal as well. This way, you can seal out the elements, so no damage will happen to your truck. As an easy applicant, you will like the way it finishes on your vehicle.

Quick Consideration

  • The solution covers 500 square feet of surface area
  • Only takes one night to dry
  • Perfect for DIY jobs
  • Can buy in a gallon or a quart
  • Only weights 10.43 pounds
  • Only takes 15-20 minutes to seal

Now Think Again

  • The rust has to be removed before applying the substance
  • Can leave a white residue in the process


6. Rust Converter and Primer

Rust Converter and Primer - Gallon Size,...


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The next brand, from AdCoat, is one of the best ways to change rust from any kind of metal. As one of the best rust converter alternatives, this option could surely work for you. With its one-step solution process, you can bet that any rust will change up into a paintable surface.

This solution is truly amazing for a few more reasons. First, it has a water-based primer and paint built-in, so you can get up to 200 square feet of coverage. Not only is this option great for your truck, but you will also be able to use this for farming, industrial, and so much more. Secondly, you will not have to do any sanding at all, which is a real job during this process.

Before you put this solution on though, you need to make sure that the rust is scraped off, never to be seen again. Then, as you put the solution on, simply spread the solution onto the parts of your truck that need the best coverage, from major to minor issues. Lastly, you will be ready to roll, showing off your new truck paint job.

Quick Consideration

  • The solution only weighs 8.13 pounds
  • Comes in a white color during application and a black color when dry and completed
  • Can be sprayed, brushed, or rolled-on
  • Great pieces of training on YouTube to help you apply this solution
  • Can be added even on the hottest of days
  • Can add a new paint color overtop

Now Think Again

  • Discolors any area it is placed on
  • Need to mix this solution well for it to work appropriately


7. CRC Rust Converter

CRC Rust Converter 18418 – 32 FL OZ,...


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Are you still looking for a converter to instantaneously remove rust from your truck? Well, you have come to the right place with this best rust converter for truck frame options. The cool thing about this product is that it converts any size of rust into a primer that is all black. For years to come, you will have protection like none other. You will not even have to scrap or sandblasting before you get started either.

After the solution is applied, you will need 1-hour for it to dry, and then you will be able to proceed further in the process. With zero flash point and a unique white to black coating, you are going to love the way your truck looks after using this product. Since rust is neutralized in one easy-to-do step, not only can you fix up your truck, but railings, trailers, and so much more.

Lastly, rest assured that this product is non-flammable and you get a lot for only a 1-quart solution. And at only 1 pound, this product will never weigh you down. Go for this product with all the confidence in the world.

Quick Consideration

  • Lasts in storage very well
  • This product lasts for at least 10 years on a vehicle
  • Only need a little bit to go a long, long way
  • The product has been sold for decades
  • Rust is devoured with this product
  • The surface that the product makes is epoxy resins

Now Think Again

  • Have to clean up the rust spots before you add the converter
  • Must use eye protection and gloves when using this product


8. MRO Chem Black Star Rust Converter

MRO Chem Black Star Rust Converter - Converts...


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Black Start is the next product to take a serious look at. As one of the best rust converter for truck frame solutions, you can buy this product in 1-quart, 2 gallons, 4 gallons, or 5 gallons. When you add this converter onto your truck, know that you will not have to sand, blast, etch, or scape. This converter will do all the work for you. How great is that!

The solution turns into a polymer resin, which will treat rust like its most hated enemy. Additionally, no rust will ever enter the picture again. Since the reoxidation process is permanently sealed, you can bet that this product will do the trick for you, as well as being a prime primer for you afterward.

If you are thinking to use it as a primer, imagine the stellar cooler you could make your truck to be.

You will certainly be able to use this product on your truck but think of all the other use as well. This converter could be used on tools, trailers, and a variety of other metal products. Since this product is extra easy to use, you will not have to remove rust. Just cover over the top and let the solution work for you today.

Quick Consideration

  • The product only weighs 3 pounds
  • You can apply this solution in outdoor temperatures between 50 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Easy to remove this solution if you feel like you need to add a better coat
  • The adhesion is a sight to see
  • Quick shipping
  • Amazing customer support

Now Think Again

  • Cannot be applied in direct sunlight
  • Damp conditions are no this solution’s friend


9. Skyco Ospho Surface Prep



Ospho Surface Prep is the next brand to make the next best rust converter for truck frame options. At only 11 pounds, this metal treatment is a great thing to think about for your vehicle. As you apply this solution to rusted areas, it uniquely combats rust. The chemical change from the product dries out the rusted area to become ready for priming in the future if you would like.

In turn, your paint jobs will stick around for a lot longer. What the application does is this. First, it secures itself from any moisture. Secondly, the product will not affect your metal. Even with water-thin coverage, you will notice its effectiveness. No matter where you need to use this product, you can bet that this solution will aid you inside and outside.

Quick Consideration

  • One-gallon will cover 600 square feet of surface
  • Works great with an oil-based paint
  • Very easy to apply this solution to your truck
  • Great to use on fences as well
  • The product will come safely to your door
  • The product will last on your truck for a minimum of 10 to 15 years

Now Think Again

  • You will need to sand before using this product
  • Not ideal to pair with a water-based paint


10. 3M 35132 Mar-Hyde One-Step Rust Convert Primer Sealer



The last best rust converter for truck frame options we have for you today comes to use from 3M. Since this product weighs just over 1 pound, you can imagine you can take this solution anywhere you need it to go.

Do note that when you buy this solution, you will have a 1-year warranty for workmanship, as well as the material. This is a no-brainer since many brands of converter do not do this as 3M does.

To apply this product, you can use a brush or spray. This solution dries extra quickly, so you will be able to paint right away or move onto something you need to get done that day. No matter what kind of rust size you hit, big or small, the rusty areas will turn black and you will be ecstatic.

Quick Consideration

  • Great for restorations jobs other than truck work
  • Very simple to apply this solution
  • Will help prevent rusting in the near and far future
  • Amazing customer service for this product
  • Stellar shipping speed
  • Blistering will not happen from this product

Now Think Again

  • May need to apply more liberally at times
  • May need to cut out rust areas before adding the solution


Things to Consider When Buying Rust Converters for Truck Frames


Now that you have all the products in the line that you should be looking at, make a little list and number your own 1-10. Order them the way you would buy them presently. Then, read through the buyer’s guide and see if your numbers change because of the helpful advice we are about to give you.

  • Simplicity

We all want things to be a little easier in life. Why cannot the same be said when it comes to converters? This can certainly be the case when your spray or brush on this solution for your truck. Anything that rust has affected, your metal surfaces can look like new again.

Make sure that you understand the different methods to apply the converter you have chosen for your project. The amount of rust can also have a say on if a corroded piece of metal can be repaired or needs to be removed. These are all important things to consider when deciding on what kind of converter will work best for you.

  • Environmentally-Friendly

There are surely converter products that do and do not care about the environment. Depending on your thoughts, you can buy converters that fit both thought-processes. However, many brands are leaning towards the environmentally-friendly route.

Essentially what happens during the converter process is this. First, the corrosion that you see is a chemical reaction. Because of this, the converter has to have another chemical reaction where the rust is covered and repaired. Each brand has its way of doing things. But, you may find many converters with phosphoric acid inside their ingredients.

So, beforehand, know if you can touch the solution or not. You may need to wear long-sleeve clothing, gloves, and glasses to protect yourself as well. On the other hand, some products will not hurt you in the slightest. It is just important for you to know before, during, and after the process. Clean-up could be tricky if you get the wrong kind of converter.

  • Thinking About Cleaning

The aforementioned cleaning should be on your radar when it comes to converters as well. With the use of brushes for liquid converters or aerosol sprays, things can get messy quite quickly. Before you start your project, make sure your workspace is clean and have the necessary tools to clean up afterward if need be. Some of the best converters are the ones that clean up with merely water and soap.

  • Protecting The Future

When you are looking for the right converter for your circumstance, you must find a product that not only supports you now but down the road as well. The last thing you want to have happened is for your converter to work on your truck for a time and then rust out again. That would be no good at all!

Luckily for you, there are many converters out there that come with an extra layer to keep corrosion even further at bay, and that is how it should be. Especially if you are looking to prime and/or paint your truck, know that you may not need any added protection from a converter, but it might be good to have.

But, if you understand what you are up against and go for the best solution, there is no reason you should fail in the slightest.

  • It Is Getting Hot

Even though we have spoken about the environment before, you need to understand that some converters can be flammable. No matter if they are in storage or use, aerosol and liquid converter can be a fire hazard. Additionally, if you believe welding will need to be done on your truck, certainly find a non-flammable option, or sparks may start to fly.

  • Drying Out

Drying time may be something that you care about as well when it comes to the buyer’s guide. Whether your truck rust project is big or small, drying times will be different for you and your vehicle. Look at it this way. If you use the converter for a few minutes, you can expect the dry time to only be a few minutes as well, on average.

But, if you are spending hours using your converter, wait some significant time before priming or painting next.

Of course, the converter you choose will have all these instructions for you. Still, you can guess on your own as well. We imagine you are pretty smart for doing your homework on the subject anyways.


Types of Rust Converter & Remover


Specifically, there are three types of converter/removers that you should pay attention to. The three include spray, gel, and liquid-based options. All can be effective for you. You just need to understand the differences to help you make the best decision possible.

  • Spray

When it comes to spray converters, some come in an aerosol can, while others can be placed in a spray gun to work well. You can bet that the application process of spray is the quickest of the three options here.

Also, know that its spray options are usually best for smaller jobs. So, if your truck has a lot of rust issues, you may want to consider another type to help you out the right way.

  • Gel

The gel might be one of the least used options on the market, but it still has its place in the converter world. You can imagine that gel is a lot thicker than the other options on the market.

Additionally, you cannot use them in any kind of sprayer. But, this product will never drip, so clean certainly will be a breeze for you. Most times, gell can be rolled or painted on any type of metal surface. When you allow it to dry appropriately, you will see the results you have always dreamed of.

  • Liquid

The liquid is the last option of the bunch, and it is the most common type of converter on the market. Unfortunately, you will get a variety of different thicknesses from solution to solution, so do your homework before you buy the right one for you and your truck.

Even though there is some prep work that you will need to have happened, this solution can be painted on, which makes things easy for you. Paint can even be sprayed on or submerged if you like. The choice is up to you.


Benefits of Rust Converter & Remover


There are a lot of benefits to getting a rust converter for your truck. Now, we do not have time to get into all the details. But, here is what you should know.

A converter will certainly save you some time. If you are looking to press into some serious bodywork, the converter you choose will save you loads of time in the process because paint and primer will go on so nicely.

Since the alternative is grinding away all rust spots, the path is clear for you with a converter. You will have more time on your hands and you will not risk your truck in the process.

Having a primer connected with your converter is a sweet, sweet deal as well. When looking to restore metal on your truck, you can stop the spread of corrosion, now and in the future. This way, you can get right to painting afterward if you want.

We all like to save money right? Buying the right converter would save you some dough in the process. If you can save your truck from future corrosion, estimate how much you will save in bodywork or buying a new truck. You could do a lot of other things with the money.

If your truck is your baby, and for many people it is, they want to restore it to its former glory. With the right converter, this can be done in a snap. Think about all the nostalgia that will come rushing back because you said “yes” to reading this article and getting the right converter.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions


Below, we have compiled the top questions that you should ask when looking for the best converter for you and your truck. We know that there are a lot of questions out there to ask, but let’s help you answer the most important ones. Then, you can be on your way to getting work done on other important things in your life.

  • Q1: What is the difference between a rust remover and a rust converter?

Rust removers take rust away altogether. On the other hand, rust converters put a bond on the rust. This will stop corrosion now and in the future. Knowing the difference between the two will save you a headache for sure.

  • Q2: Can I find a rust remover that is not toxic?

Some are and some are not. You have to do your homework, so you do not end up with a converter that has phosphoric acid in it. All bottles have an FDC recommendation on it as well.

  • Q3: Do I need protected clothing when I work?

Knowing if your product is toxic or not can help answer this question. But, in general, always wear gloves no matter the type. If you are using a spray, add eye goggles and a mask to boot.

  • Q4: How does a converter work?

Converters use polymers and acids to make a chemical reaction. This changes the properties of the rust and covers it up altogether.

  • Q5: Besides the truck, what can I use this on when I am done?

Converters can be used on a plethora of metals. Iron and steel are best, but aluminum can work in some capacity as well. But, do check out the directions before you just use this on every metal you see.


Final Verdict


The time has now come for you to make your decision on what converter to get. From the product reviews to the buyer’s guide to the FAQs, we believe that you are well-educated to make a quality decision for yourself and your truck. You got this! Because when you do, amazing things will start to happen.

You will no longer have to deal with or think about rust on your truck again. You will not have to worry about what to do to fix the problem. All you will have to do is enjoy your truck, go out on the open road, and have a great time. It sounds like the right way to live your life. Happy trails!

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