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The Best Snowmobile Gloves in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Snowmobiling is one of the most exciting sports, and it can be rewarding when everything is going as per your plan. Staying protected, warm, and comfortable is part of the plan and is something, and every rider wants and needs. For this to happen, you need to have proper snowmobile gear. One of the components of the right gear is snowmobile gloves. With the best snowmobile gloves, you can find yourself struggling with mobility or shaking uncontrollably because of being extremely cold.

But how do you determine the best gloves for snowmobiling? Well, this is more of a personal preference, but there are several things you need to keep in mind when searching for a pair of snowmobiling gloves. You will want a pair that is warm, offers protection against external elements, and gives you a better grip. Of course, you will need to consider several other features as well, but we will talk about this later on in this post.

Right now, we are going to review some of the top-rated snowmobile gloves in 2019. We believe that these gloves offer the right combination of protection, fit, and price to any snowmobile enthusiast. And while they are made by different brands and are not equal, each of them has something unique that enabled it to be on this list.

After our top ten reviews, if you will still have not found the right glove, we have a detailed buyer’s guide that enlightens you on features you may want to keep in mind to help you choose a good pair of snowmobile gloves.

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Best Snowmobile Gloves: Editor’s Top Picks


Top 10 Best Snowmobile Gloves Reviews:

1. Carhartt Men’s Waterproof Glove

Carhartt Men's WP Waterproof Insulated Glove,...


Here is a high-quality glove that looks stylish while also maintaining practicality. The Carhartt WP Waterproof Insulated Work Glove has a comfortable stretchy fleece cuff. The company used ultra-soft insulation which works so well at keeping you warm. Besides, these gloves are very true to size meaning they will feel nice to wear and fit perfectly. Plus, they have a strap that keeps them firmly in place on your wrist.

Another great thing about the gloves is that they are low maintenance and can easily be cleaned using a damp cloth. They also offer a bit of added room which makes them ideal for those who may want to add an extra skin layer for extra warmth.

Even in torrential rain, your hands will still feel comfortable and dry as they are waterproof. Moreover, this waterproofing does not cause the gloves to become overly warm because they are highly breathable. Also, they boast winking inserts to absorb sweat. Taking the price of the glove into account, you will be impressed by the value you get from this company.

Highlighted Features

  • The outer shell is 100% polyester
  • The Palm area features Polyurethane to enhance grip
  • The fabric used as lining inside the glove is made of 100% polyester for comfort
  • Dri-Max waterproof inserts ensure your hands remain dry for extended durations
  • Has ultra-soft insulation fabric that keeps your hands warm and feels soft to touch
  • It features reinforced polyurethane wrap caps, palm, cuffs, and wipes to keep them secure

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2. Heritage Extreme Winter Glove


At first glance, the Heritage Extreme Winter Glove looks trendy, stylish, sleek, and practical. When you first try these black gloves, the first thing that comes to mind is warmth and thickness. This makes them comfortable especially with the elasticated wrist cuffs that ensure they stay securely in position. The elasticated cuffs also prevent any winds and cold air from entering inside.

Regarding warmth, these gloves boast 70 grams, 3M Thinsulate insulation for added warmth. This makes them one of the best winter gloves since they are warm and tight-fitting. Another nifty feature of the Extreme Winter Gloves is they have a four-layer waterproofing system which ensures that your hands remain dry in all conditions. This, combined with the 3M Thinsulate insulation, keeps you warm and prevents your hands from getting damp. The good thing is they are breathable and absorb sweat to keep your hands dry.

In addition to being excellent with heat retention, they come with a zipper pocket where you can fit a hand warmer for added warmth. In case of any cold, you can utilize disposable hand warmers which could help. These gloves are touch screen friendly which means you can use them every day especially with a world full of touch screen devices.

Highlighted Features

  • Waterproof with four layers of protection
  • Has 70 gram, 3M Thinsulate, and fleece liner for insulation
  • 10 sizes available to include children, women, and men
  • Compatible with touchscreen
  • Has zipper pocket to put small items
  • Has elasticated wrist cuff to fit securely


3. MCTi Waterproof Men’s Snowboard Gloves

MCTi Waterproof Mens Ski Gloves Winter Warm...


Are you an active person during cold weather? This might be your ideal choice. First, they are made with windproof polyester and TPU which is waterproof. They are not bulky to wear featuring 40 grams, 3M Thinsulate insulation which guarantees warmth, especially during snowmobiling. Their construction is very good as the fabric used is well-sealed with no loose ends to feel in the gloves.

They feature zipper compartments that are hard to notice, and this is a big plus especially when you need to keep your cash, ID cards, or other small trinkets close to you. Moreover, you can put an additional warmer inside the pockets should you need it for extra warmth. The sizing of the gloves is perfect as the company offers a guide to help you pick the size that fits you perfectly.

They have a tightening strap to secure the gloves in place, and you can loosen them easily. Whether in snow, water, or wind, these best snowmobile gloves will protect your hands thanks to the adjustable buckle wrist strap as well as a drawstring closure.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about sweat because the lining and fabric used are breathable. They have been designed with a comfortable lining that is comfortable to skin touch.

Highlighted Features

  • Fitted with 40 Gram, 3M Thinsulate insulation to keep you warm without feeling bulky
  • The outer shell prevents snow, wind, and water to keep your hands dry
  • The zipper pockets can be used to carry small items and additional warmer
  • Soft PU and PVC lining ensure a firm grip
  • The wrist strap keeps the snow and cold air from reaching the hands and ensures the glove does not fall off
  • Has a thumb back part which works as a lens cleaner

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4. Hestra Unisex Ski Gloves

Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Glove - Classic...


Hestra is a prominent company that is Sweden-based and has been making gloves for over a century; so you can expect nothing but high quality from them. These gloves from the company are leather-made and one of the most comfortable and warmest. It is made from leather from cowhide which makes it durable, soft, and supple.

These offer freedom of movement and top-notch dexterity. The good thing is you can remove or interchange the liners to achieve your preferred thickness. They are longer and wider and do an impressive job at keeping out the cold and snow as they can effortlessly fit over your jacket and be cinched up when needed.

No more worrying about dropping your gloves accidentally because these winter gloves feature a leash to keep them securely attached. Besides, even if you dip your hand in the water, your hands remain dry thanks to the tight Velcro closure and waterproof fabric used to make them. These gloves are highly breathable and get rid of any moisture in case you work up a sweat.

The glove comes in 2 models – the 3-finger and 5-finger mitten for you to choose from. This is one of the nicest pairs for ski lovers due to its durability, comfort, and warmth. However, customers do not like the fact they are not compatible with the touchscreen and that they require maintenance from time to time by using wax.

Highlighted Features

  • Uses low-profile fiberfill to keep your hands warm without interfering with the dexterity
  • Has external seams on fingers to ensure grip
  • Water and wind repellant to keep your hands dry
  • Has neoprene cuff and Velcro closure to keep it snug
  • The polyester lining ensures warmth and helps hands dry fast

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5. Outdoor Research Alti Gloves

Outdoor Research Men's Alti Mitts


Winter really feels fantastic, and many people like to enjoy it when they are comfortable, warm, and able to exercise their hobbies without the need to adjust a rope. Outdoor Research Gloves hold against extreme cold weather while being breathable, super warm, tactile, and waterproof all in one. This company uses quality material for the gloves and 3D technology to ensure a flexible fit.

If you stay busy during the cold winter months, then you will be impressed by the dexterity you get here. The perfect quantity of Primaloft insulation and Gore-Tex make this glove ridiculously waterproof. Most customers are excited by the breathability of the glove hence you don’t have to worry about sweaty arms after extended use.

The glove features AlpenGrip Palm and articulated fingers which ensures a comfortable grip. This way, you can enjoy the scenery while you focus on where you go next. Nowadays in a world full of technology, you may need gloves that are touchscreen-compatible, and these gloves from Outdoor Research fit the bill.

The Alti is also equipped with a standard glove leash to ensure you don’t drop them by accident and feature a pull-on loop which makes it easy to get the gloves on/off. It also features a wrist cinch with a strap to tighten them on the wrist.

Highlighted Features

  • Has Alpen grip on the palm
  • Has Primaloft which ensures breathability
  • Combines elastic cuff and strap to keep off winds and airs
  • Tough LT Tabs enhance grip
  • Made from Nylon and Nylon making for insulation and comfortable fit

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6. Klim Klimate Gloves


Klim Snowmobile gloves are popular for use on Snowmobiles due to their proud association with quality. Their standout feature has to be the generous amount of Thinsulate insulation which is a whopping 300 grams per glove. This is really an impressive level of insulation.

Moreover, despite the large amount, the insulation has been deployed uniquely. 100 grams of it is used in the palm while the other 200 is on the back of the hand. Well, this makes sense because the back of the hand is exposed to wind and snow hence the extra padding while the palm faces the handlebar which still requires protection. Therefore, these can resist even the harshest weather conditions and still keep your hands dry and warm for hours.

In addition to cool insulation, these best snowmobile gloves come in a variety of sizes so you will undoubtedly find the right size for your hand. Apart from that, you will find various colors from black to other bright colors. If you opt to go for a brighter color of the best-rated snowmobile gloves, you will stand out from the crowd. The fabric used around the palm area ensures enough grip and can last longer. They also feature a loop to slide easily as well. Also, a wrist-mounted strap provides a secure fit.

Highlighted Features

  • Gore-tex outer ensure durability
  • 300 Grams of Thinsulate insulation protects hands from cold and snow
  • Has a durable palm patch to ensure a tight grip
  • Is suited for cold weather thanks to their great insulation
  • They have a wrist strap to provide a secure fit


7. OZERO Winter Ski Gloves

OZERO Ski Gloves, -40°F Cold Proof Winter...


Both men and women will find these winter gloves worth buying. They have great reviews thanks to the insulation and warmth they provide because of the polar fleece. Besides, they are tough and thus can resist ripping thanks to the tough cotton material and double stitching. The gloves are waterproof, windproof, and thus will keep your hands and fingers dry throughout your riding moments.

Their high-tech patented systems make them lightweight while their cotton material prevents loss of warmth. Like other best snowmobiling gloves brands, these, too are easy to take off and put on thanks to the elastic nature.

They are made with 3M Thinsulate insulation cotton material to keep your hands warm even in extreme temperatures. These snow gloves can keep you warm even in areas with -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Produced with TPU and nylon, these gloves are both windproof and waterproof. They have a leather palm and cowhide patch to give you a good grip and ensure superior durability. The double stitches also make them long-lasting.

Even with all the insulation and great warmth these gloves provide, their unique design keeps them breathable to keep your hands from sweating.

In addition, they have an adjustable wrist belt as well as a controllable elastic cuff to keep your hands and fingers warm in roaring wind and snow. Plus, they have a wrist buckle to make hanging them easy. If you are also looking for outdoor research gloves, these winter gloves from OZERO will not disappoint as well.

Highlighted Features

  • These gloves are ideal for working outdoors during winter and snow activities
  • They are made from genuine deer suede leather and have a soft polar fleece. This makes them long-lasting and waterproof
  • They have headlock insulated cotton lining to offer more warmth
  • They can provide warmth even in extreme temperatures of -40 degrees Fahrenheit
  • They come in different sizes ranging from small to X-Large
  • They are both hands- and machine-washable
  • These gloves are both waterproof and windproof
  • OZERO winter gloves feature a unique design that makes them sweat-resistant and breathable

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8. Carhartt Men’s Insulated Work Glove

Carhartt mens Vintage Snap Insulated Work...


Carhartt is a renowned brand that made its name through the production of unique outdoor gear. One such example is Carhartt Men’s Insulated Work Glove. This glove is designed in a way that keeps your fingers dry and warm.

They have a shell that is made of polyester making them durable. The specific name of this polyester material is called poly tex. This durable fabric ensures you will use your gloves for a long time without needing another pair.

Not only will these gloves protect your hands from water and cold, but the inner lining also helps to wick away sweat thereby keeping your hands comfortable.

Like all Carhartt products, these snow gloves are of great quality, and this can be demonstrated by their double stitching throughout and reinforced palms.

They have ultra-soft insulation and a lining with fast-dry technology to wick away sweat when your hands start heating up.

They have a wide opening as well as an adjustable wrist strap that secures the lift. The knuckle area, palm, and index finger have ultra-wear-resistant leather sourced from goatskin to give you a better grip. They feature a barrel-lock cinch closure to allow you to close the cuff around your forearm for a proper fit and to keep wind and water out.

Highlighted Features

  • They are made from 100% polyester material making them lightweight and durable
  • These gloves feature moisture-wicking lining to keep your hands free of sweat
  • Have a wrist strap with a barrel-lock cinch adjuster for proper fit
  • The gloves are made with a Storm Defender breathable shell that is both windproof and waterproof
  • Available in black and barley colors

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9. Mossi Leather Snowmobile Gloves


When looking for quality snowmobile gloves that will handle the harshest weather, insulating warmth and design are two things that matter the most, and that’s exactly what these gloves by Moss offers. They have Thinsulate insulation to trap and hold in body heat.

While most brands have only included leather on some parts of their gloves, Mossi has taken an extra step and incorporated leather into all its grove construction. This makes their gloves tough and thus can easily withstand the physical abuse of snowmobile riding. Besides, leather is naturally flexible, and thus by wearing these gloves, you will have an easier time holding handlebars and braking.

Being all-leathered makes them look awesome and classy. Besides, the 100 grams of Thinsulate lining jammed inside these gloves provide extra protection while the plastic inserts placed over the fingers and knuckles keep your hands safe. These gloves are designed to protect against the wind while you are riding.

Highlighted Features

  • They have hard plastic plates on the knuckles and finger-tips areas for extra protection and too keep your wind from getting inside
  • The elasticized panel of the inner side offers a secure and customized fit
  • They have rugged construction with durable double stitching to ensure long usage
  • They are available in different sizes, from small to 3XL to ensure everyone gets their desired size
  • They are all-leathered to ensure durability
  • Have side cuff zipper for ease of sliding them on and off


10. VersaPro T501M Nitrile Exam Gloves


VersaPro T501M Nitrile Exam Gloves are dedicated to protecting your fingers and hands against cold temperatures and give you a comfortable working environment to your hands. It adds warmth to your palm areas thanks to the double-layered material.

This glove design speaks for itself as it is excellent when it comes to warming and protecting your hands whenever you are working outside in the cold or when you are snowmobiling.

Although these gloves may look thin and lightweight, they are very warm and have a solid waterproof outer layer that helps to keep your hands warm and dry when working in the rain or riding on snow.

They are a great pair of gloves for hunting in the cold, and they have a lightweight design that enables them to be used in cold garages as well.

If all you want is a pair of insulated gloves that are flexible to keep your hands dry and warm when working in the cold or snowmobiling, then you should take VersaPro T501M Nitrile Exam Gloves home today.

Highlighted Features

  • They have a warm material that is waterproof to keep your hands dry and warm
  • They are relatively affordable and easy to maintain
  • They have a rich black color that hides dirt and stains
  • These gloves have a textured surface for a better grip
  • they are powder-free and are not made with natural rubber latex



Things To Consider When Buying Snowmobile Gloves

All the above gloves are ideal for snowmobiling and cold weather hunting. They do have a great reputation for being durable and retaining heat to keep your hands warm.

When shopping for snowmobile gloves, you will need to ensure that they have most of these features, if not all, to keep you safe and make fun of the sport. Consider the following factors;

  • Mittens or gloves

There has always been a debate among snowmobiling enthusiasts as to what is the best winter gloves for cold weather. Whereas most snowmobile enthusiasts prefer mittens, others prefer gloves.

That said, you need to keep in mind that mittens are warmer since they are designed to keep all the fingers together for purposes of helping your body to retain heat.

However, mittens are not as practical as gloves. In fact, you will struggle to use your hands when you are driving your snowmobile or even tying your shoes. Keeping into consideration that riding a snowmobile involves a lot of engagement, it would be wise to go with snowmobile gloves. With these gloves, you will have more flexibility while still ensuring your palms are warm enough.

  • Waterproof

Since you will be using your snowmobile gloves in snowy and wet conditions, you will need to ensure that you go for one that is waterproof. If possible, go for gloves with a Gore-Tex shell especially if you are looking for top-notch protection from moisture and water.

  • Insulation

While shopping for any type of gloves including outdoor research gloves, you should go for a pair that offers enough insulation as most of the time, you will be wearing them outdoors, and the weather might be extremely cold. This is especially important when you are buying snowmobiling gloves since you will be sporting in a wet and snowy environment.

  • Liners

Snowmobile gloves with removable liners are a better option since this gives you warmth control, and it will be easier to adjust the level of insulation your gloves offer. In the same way, liners with waterproof materials will work out well to protect your hands.

However, very few gloves feature liners, and thus, this should not be the reason to forego quality Polaris snowmobile gloves because they lack a waterproof line. You can always buy these liners separately.

  • Size

The best-rated snowmobile gloves are those that fit in your hands snugly and perfectly. To the fingers end, you should ensure that there is not a lot of room left between the glove tips and fingers. Properly fitting gloves increase flexibility, warmth retention, and maneuverability.

  • Grip and toughness

Pulling starter cords, manipulating control handles, handling fixing and movement tools, and performing different movements associated with snowmobiling, needs you to have a quality snowmobile glove with a tough grip. In terms of quality, gloves with a leather palm and a reinforcement patch covering all areas of your palm are the best.

The type of leather is also important; treated premium cowhide or any natural leather is tough and has the best combination of toughness and grip.

  • Length

In the same way, you should consider the size of your glove, you also need to buy gloves that properly align with your other snowmobiling wear. Don’t buy gloves that do not go with your snowmobile wear.

  • Adjustable closure

It feels better to know that you can tighten or loosen the closure of your glove based on the snowmobile wear beneath it. Sometimes, you might have lightweight wear than other times. The adjustment closure allows the glove to fit you all the time regardless of what you wear.

  • Warranty

Since snowmobiling gloves tend to have a lot of wear and tear and also are subjected to a lot of physical abuse, you need to consider buying a pair that comes with a sensible warranty. This strategy helps to ensure that you get gloves that can last beyond a single season.

When it comes to snowmobile gloves, warmth and protection are two major things that count. Examine the gloves you are interested in buying and ensure they all have protective safety features in place before buying. Also, ensure they will fit nicely on your hands and check for extra features as well.


Benefits of Snowmobiling Gloves

  • They keep your fingers and hands where they are supposed to be

Gloves will help prevent your hands from dropping off with frostbite by keeping them at the end of your arms. They also protect your fingers from extremities during winter sports. When snowmobiling, your body will struggle to keep your fingers and toes warm and that’s why wearing gloves is of supreme importance to keep your hands warm. Gloves help your hands to retain moisture and also act as an insulator thereby preventing heat loss.

  • They help you control a snowmobile

How do you control a snowmobile? It is through the handlebars. And what do you use to control the handlebars? Your hands, of course. To have effective control of handlebars, you need your hands to have enough grip and to be active. Since they cannot be active without being warm, that’s why you need a pair of gloves.

A good pair of snowmobile gloves keep your hard warm enough to hold the handlebars and make delicate movements such as adjusting the throttle or applying the brakes. They also give you a safer grip that will keep your delicate skin from chipping.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions About Snowmobile Gloves

Q-1: How do you know the best size of snowmobile gloves for your hands?

  • Most of the snowmobile gloves on the market at the moment are not too tight and thus will fit snugly to avoid causing circulation issues and perspiration if your hands generate a lot of heat, which can cause frostbite. When you are looking for a new pair of winter or snowmobile gloves, it is wise to use sizing charts to know the right size to buy. The majority of brands offer size charts on their tags or on their official sites. Each brand has a different chart since gloves are designed differently. There is no sure way to tell the right size of snowmobile gloves.

Q-2: Should I wash my snowmobile gloves and how do I wash them?

  • As with any fabric, gloves, too, get dirty, and it is wise to wash them once in a while. When your gloves get wet and dirty, they tend to have a bad odor after drying out. It is therefore good to give your gloves a thorough cleaning from time to time.
  • However, before washing them, read the cleaning instruction from the manufacturer to know since different gloves are made from different materials. If you are not aware of the cleaning method to use, hand-wash using dish soap since it is very mild.
  • With gloves made from different materials, especially leather, one thing you should stay away from heat. If you toss your snowmobile gloves into the dry cleaner, you risk them shrinking, fraying, and losing their shape. Pay attention to the material your gloves are made of, especially if their manufacturer has included washing instructions.

Q-3: Are heated gloves worth the money?

  • Well, this is a matter of personal preference and also depends on how big your budget is. However, if we divert our attention from their cost, heated gloves are worth the money. Because of the extremely low temperatures, it is hard to keep your hands warm when snowmobiling because of the cold air that finds its way inside your gloves.
  • Instead of relying solely on your body to warm your cold fingers, you can charge up your gloves before going outside. If you ride a lot, consider turning on the gloves when your fingers begin to feel cold to conserve battery.

Q-4: Are all the snowmobile gloves on this list windproof?

  • Yes. All the gloves we have reviewed in this post are windproof. The wind chill is a great factor to consider if you want to stay warm on a snowmobile, and having windproof snowmobile gloves really helps on that front.

Q-5: Do snowmobile gloves need maintenance?

  • Optimally, you should take care of your gloves after each ride. Dry them after every ride since any retained moisture or sweat in your gloves will make them feel extra cold the next time you are going on a ride.
  • Leave them overnight to dry, and they should be ready for the next ride.
  • Also, waterproof breathable gloves should have their coat treated once a season with suede, wax, or any other appropriate treatment. This will help preserve the coating to prevent it from wearing off.
  • For gloves with leather, consider a seasonal application of clear sued to the leather part.


Final Thoughts

Whether you intend to head out on a snow ride or you are a seasoned pro, you need to equip yourself with a pair of the best snowmobile gloves. With water, snow, and wind whipping in the nasty conditions of cold weather, these gloves will help you keep up with a harsh environment.

With this comprehensive guide, finding the best snowmobile gloves should not be as hard. As long as you know where to shop for them, the features to look out for in mind, and a sizeable budget to get quality products, then you will find it easier to get the best snowmobile gloves. You will not go wrong by picking any of the above gloves.

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