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The Best Tonneau Covers for Chevy Colorado in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Riding in your Chevy truck has to be one of the best feelings ever. This is because there’s a vast number of things you can do with it. Whether you want to transfer tools, equipment, luggage, or even something bigger, trucks are like a mini cargo train. However, like most trucks, covers are important. You don’t have to haul items from one point to the other and stand the risks of getting them damaged or stolen. For this reason, you need the Best Tonneau Cover for Chevy Colorado. They come in different styles, shapes, designs, and sizes. What’s more, you can retract some or simply role them.

The main point though is that the covers provide ample coverage for what you’re packing. So, unless you grant access to a person, you can go off and leave your truck unattended but safe in the knowledge that no one can mess with it. In this guide, all you need to know, including the best brand and product information, are available. Read on!



Best Tonneau Cover for Chevy Colorado: Editor’s Top Picks


Top 10 Best Tonneau Covers for Chevy Colorado Reviews:

1. BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed...


As it stands, getting a chevy Tonneau cover doesn’t just provide style and substance. But it also helps to prolong the lifespan of your truck. Perhaps you have one of the 2015-2020 Chevys and figure you want to keep all your things safe. Well, you’ve got to consider this product seriously. Nothing comes cheap, and the BAKFlip MX4 is quite the improvement on anything you previously had.

Think about functionality and security, and this product packs them both. More so, it has four aluminum panels that don’t give in to scratches. Then there’s the fact that the cover is UV-resistant, especially for Chevy truck owners who reside in sunny states.

In terms of load management, this model is strong and reliable. Further, it can take on a lot of weight – 400 pounds. This says a lot considering the vast space that’s usually at the back of most Chevy trucks.

Your stuff stays safe, and there’s good protection from inclement weather conditions. Add to that the characteristic of being rather straightforward to install, operate, and maneuver, and you’ve got yourself a gem of a tonneau cover.

This product can be opened on either side of your truck even if the tailgate is up. This makes it convenient for use anywhere, particularly if you’re pressed for time. It’s truly reliable, hence making it into this list. Apart from the price, nothing else should stop you from getting this Chevy truck cover.


  • Can take up to 400 pounds of weight
  • UV rays and scratch-resistant aluminum panels
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Total access to the truck bed
  • Buckles on each fold


  • It’s expensive

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2. Tyger Auto Black T5 Alloy Hard Top Tonneau Cover

Tyger Auto T5 Alloy Hardtop Truck Bed Tonneau...


The Tyger Auto T5 Alloy Hard Tonneau cover is made up of really sturdy stuff. The assembly really puts many things into consideration to serve you optimum protection. It has a black powder-coated aircraft grade alloy to do just that. So, if you’re out on a little trip and conveying some luggage, it’ll definitely keep them safe. What’s more, putting it together is basically easy and straight to the point. Rather than drill holes into the back of your Chevy truck, you can simply fold it up and get going.

Water and dirt are mostly part of the terrain, especially where trucks are concerned. In light of this, the weather-tight seal is an important feature. This is particularly the case with cargo that needs to stay dry. A customized look and appeal add more beauty to your truck. At the same time, the cover also ensures you have a distribution of even weight measuring up to 500 pounds.

Not done yet, you have the aluminum frames and other tough features like the glass-filled nylon structures that help the cover remain long-lasting. On the whole, it’s very secure-looking, and any intruder will think twice before trying to steal from your truck bed.


  • Strong materials to keep things safe and secure
  • Watertight seal to keep off dampness and dirt
  • Handles 500 pounds of weight
  • Non-drill and easy installation
  • Compact and strong


  • Rather weak rear handles

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3. TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll Up Truck Bed...


Most times, all you need is a wee bit of functionality over other factors like style and design. This is where the TruXedo TruXport Truck Bed comes in. Whether you just want a soft roll-up or something to protect you from the inclement weather, it’s your go-to cover.

The quality is unassuming with materials made from leather grain black material which offers durability. The materials do their bit to keep harsh weather off. Its size sees it sit conveniently above your truck bed so that you have a low profile which goes well with your truck.

The unique looks aren’t the be-all and end-all though. It has dual paddle latches at each side of your tailgate. This makes it easy to operate because you can easily unlock each latch and roll your cover. Further, whether your vehicle is in motion or not, the latch is locked-on to protect your cargo.

The tension can be relaxed or tightened, depending on your movements. And if you want to remove the cover, it’s a very straightforward process that doesn’t involve tools and even lesser time. Then there are the crossbar bows so that heavy snow has nothing to damage. Cool right?


  • Easy latch and roll
  • Easy tension control
  • Full bed access
  • No need for drill clamps
  • Low profile to fit right with your truck
  • Simple to install


  • Lacking a bit of quality

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4. MaxMate Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

MaxMate Soft Tri-fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover...


The MaxMate Soft Trifold Truck bed is what you want with great functionality to cover all the basics. What’s more, it has an uncanny similarity with the Tyger Auto Soft Tri-fold. This means it’s in great company, and worthy of being chosen by you to mount your Chevy truck. The looks are great, and its 5-foot frame immediately fits your truck thanks to an easy process of installing it.

Everything surrounding this truck is geared towards making things easy. You can see that with the pre-assembled hardware which helps you put things in order under 20 minutes (much less if you know what you’re doing). It also features a marine-grade vinyl tarp and aluminum frame to give your Chevy Colorado truck bed cover some resilience. Add to that the horizontal crossbars that are foldable and offer you more options.

You’ll notice it also has Velcro straps along the edges so that the Tonneau Cover remains tight and straight. This feature does help it keep water and other unwanted things out. To wrap it up, it’s a great product for Chevy trucks. However, the number of plastic components might put a damp on your conviction to buy it.


  • Velcro straps provide more safety
  • Pre-assembled parts are simple to install
  • Crossbars that can fold and add more structure
  • Sturdy material from marine-grade vinyl and aluminum
  • No-drilling parts


  • Top many plastic components

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5. Extang Trifecta 2.0 Soft Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

extang Trifecta 2.0 Soft Folding Truck Bed...


If beauty and style are what you’re after, then the Extang Trifecta 2.0 is the name you want to remember. It does have nice curves and a sleek design which makes your truck bed cover assume a low profile. The tarp over it is strong enough to protect your stuff with a leather-grained fabric. But this doesn’t mean it can’t be relaxed. You can do that with the corner tuck mechanism. Add to that the lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum and double hinges which all help to foster strength.

Furthermore, the clamps are engineered to work smarter and get a hold of your truck within seconds. Not bad for a truck cover that’s easy to install. The clamps will only attach to your truck bed flanges without any additional damage to any part of your truck. What’s more, if you’re looking to be on the go with no time to spare, the cover is easy to take off before inserting your cargo. In all, this Chevy truck cover is built to keep things simple and organized.


  • Heavy-duty leather-grained cover to deflect water and keep our other elements
  • It’s easy to install with minimal fuss
  • Front cab clamps
  • Maintains a low profile on your truck
  • Wholesome and beautiful design


  • No folds
  • Not quite the strongest materials

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6. Gator ETX Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Gator ETX Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau...


Gator is a well-established brand, and this product is one truck drivers will definitely enjoy. Firstly, it offers wholesome protection to your truck bed and the cargo toy pack. Secondly, it’s as affordable as they come with the ability to be installed within a short period. Also, you can do so without the need for special tools or damaging your truck’s body in the name of drill holes.

With the rails affixed to the truck bed, the heavy-duty aluminum frame is good to go. Of course, support is essential, especially if you want your truck cover to last longer. This is why the Gator ETX Soft Tri-fold comes with cross-bows and industrial vinyl materials that leave it tear-resistant.

You are usually faced with snow, rain, or dust when you drive your truck? Thanks to its tight seal that covers all the perimeters, all your things are protected irrespective of size. The integrated fasteners buckle the load in so that it doesn’t veer off. Also, it’s totally safe, durable, and quite simple to install.


  • Weatherproof to keep out rain and other inclement weather
  • Tear-resistant
  • Equipped with fastening buckles
  • Simple installation without tools
  • Long-lasting material


  • Latch bolts aren’t good enough

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7. Gator Pro Tri-Fold Soft Folding Tonneau

2014-2018 Chevy Silverado GMC Sierra 5.8 FT....


That the Gator is mentioned again shows how credible the brand is. This one comes in handy especially for the Chevy Silverado and the GMC Sierra for year models 2014 to 2018. The construction is reliable, and you get a rigid and rough outer shell that’s made of high-quality marine-grade vinyl material.

If you’re wary of stains and would prefer a cover fit to keep water out, this is the product for you. This is because it packs a weather-resistant EPMD seal on either side and on the rear to shut out water. This it does alongside steel hinge pins to keep the cover right over your truck bed.

Whether it’s man or nature, there’s no gaining entry into your chevy truck bed without you wanting it to happen. Further, whether you’re going through some rough edges or simply speeding past, the fasteners will keep your stuff in check.


  • Light but very strong aluminum frame
  • Easy to set up with adjustable latches
  • Fasteners to protect against wild ejections
  • Weather sealing to keep inclement weather off
  • Marine-grade, tear-resistant materials


  • Lightweight design

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8. Tyger Auto Black Top T3 Soft Tri-Fold Truck Tonneau Cover

Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-fold Truck Bed Tonneau...


Another Tyger product with a sleekness you’d want over your truck bed. It’s definitely as good as they come and is completely assembled before arrival. So, you don’t need to welcome it with a toolbox for installation. What’s more, the cover folds easily, so that you have immediate access to the truck bed.

This cover is for the 2019-2020 Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra and does provide optimum protection to your cargo or any standard luggage. You’d get a customized look out of this cover in no time, coupled with the fact that it never looks out of place.

Furthermore, the cover is dual-coated with materials from aircraft-grade aluminum and marine-grade vinyl frames. Upon installation, the clamps offer a sense of reinforcement that only enhances its long-lasting appeal.

Not all covers have a horizontal crossbar, particularly when support is an issue. This Tyger Top T3 Soft Trifold offers some, and they fold up with the cover if you have the stuff to access in the truck bed.


  • It comes pre-assembled and easy to install
  • Folding crossbars offer additional support
  • Latches to keep your items safe and secure
  • No drills and handy tools required
  • Strong material that keeps the weather out


  • Vehicle-specific in case you have a different truck

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9. oEdRo Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

oEdRo Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover...


Like some soft tri-fold before it, this cover fits like a glove on the hand. So, others might have proven to be unspectacular. This Oedro Tonneau cover has the body of an expensive cover, but it is cost-effective. It’s also reliable in terms of protecting the bed of your truck from unwanted elements. This is why it has a roll-up design.

Protection is great, but it also has a tailgate lock to enhance it. What’s more, if you’re always on the move, you can have full access to your truck bed at any given time. Then there’s the string tarp made from double-layer PVC. This layer deals with the sun’s UV-rays as well as deal with other inclement weather types. Sure, it comes in light, but the quality isn’t something that’s lacking here. More so, you get a sleek profile that really gives your truck a good look.

Installing it couldn’t be any easier. It’s one of those covers that come in pre-assembled, so your tools and other modifications aren’t necessary to set it up. Also, Velcro straps feature along the sides to keep what you pack firm and free from the weather.

Snow and rain will find it difficult to get in. On the whole, it’s a great option for a range of 2015-2020 Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon that features a 5-feet truck bed.


  • Comes pre-assembled and easy to install
  • Velcro strap to keep the cover tight and secure
  • Cost-effective and functional
  • Strong material to protect your cargo
  • Foldable parts


  • You may have to reinforce the weather seal

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10. Rough Country Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Truck Cover

Rough Country Hard Tri-Fold (fits) 2014-2018...


It doesn’t matter where you’re going and how rough the terrain is. This is one of the Best Tonneau Cover for Chevy Colorado you can come across. What you want most times is the items you pack staying put and safe from theft or inclement weather. Well, this cover is great, and you can set it up in under 10 minutes. Not bad, especially when you consider that it comes in fully assembled in the box with the necessary accessories. This includes fastening buckles and weather seals that cover the four sides of your truck.

Furthermore, tools aren’t needed for anything. This is because you won’t need drill holes. Also, duct tapes are a no-no. There’s a patented quick clamp system to keep the cover in place. In addition, the materials used for truck covers should be strong and durable. This is the case with the Rough Country hard Tonneau cover which features aluminum panels covered in marine-grade black vinyl.

This cover also features a good soft folding you’d appreciate, particularly if you’re pressed for time and immediately want to access your truck bed. Then there’s the flush-mount, low profile that immediately syncs with your truck. Security is definitely assured with a tailgate lock to keep thieves and intruders out.


  • Fully assembled, so installation is simple
  • Tailgate lock security
  • Sturdy materials to protect against inclement weather
  • Tri-fold for easy truck bed access
  • No drill holes or duct tape needed


  • The hinges are not strong enough
  • May need more materials to keep water out

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Things to Consider When Buying a Tonneau Cover for Chevy Colorado


Going for the ideal truck cover for your Chevy Colorado isn’t something to take lightly. You’d want the right fit, frame, and much more. Then there’s the price angle. You don’t want to spend so much for so little in terms of quality. For this reason, a buying guide is necessary because there are several things to put into consideration before hitting the buy button.

Furthermore, returning your truck cover will require some kind of cost if it’s in good shape. But if it’s not, you’re stuck with a cover that doesn’t fit your truck. At best, you can sell it but who says you’d get your money’s worth?

In line with the above, here are things to consider when buying a Tonneau cover for your Chevy Colorado.

  • 1. Purpose

The kind of chevy truck cover you want is inherently tied to the purpose you want it for. As such, it doesn’t make sense to go all out to buy something that you won’t find useful. You might want a cover to protect your cargo space, especially from inclement weather and theft from people. If this is the case, you’d want something with sturdy materials and difficulty to infringe. Also, a cover that keeps water out is suitable for this purpose.

Other purposes may include adding some sleekness to your ride or wanting a cover that simply complements your truck. Either way, you’d want to consider the whole design, style, and functionality of the chevy tonneau cover.

  • 2. Cost

The more you angle for the best materials, the more likely you are to spend more getting it. Cost is always something that must be put into consideration because the value for money is very important. As such, what are you willing to spend on a Chevy Colorado truck cover? This is a thought most truck owners have even before the purpose and compatibility gets a mention.

Work with a budget that won’t put holes in your pocket. Also, it’s best not to buy what you can’t maintain or that needs a fixer-upper almost every time. Keep in mind that the costlier the product doesn’t always translate to being the best out there. Let your choice fit with the purpose for which you want a cover.

  • 3. Compatibility

How compatible do you want the cover to be with your truck? The answer, most likely, is 100%. Trucks have a bed liner made up of different types, including mats, carpets, and painted ones. As such, your Chevy Colorado Tonneau cover must be compatible with your bed liner. Another thing is the cover being easy to install without altering to the existing setup of your bed liner.

Furthermore, with other truck accessories and components, you’d want the right fit. For instance, utility track systems, tie-down rings, bed extenders, truck racks, tailgates, and much more should blend well with your tonneau cover. If they don’t work well in sync, they’re obviously incompatible, and you should have done more to ensure that.

  • 4. The Installation Process Involved

Does the installation convey an air of ease, or do you have to fork out a huge toolbox and get working? If the former is the case, you can install the cover in under 20 minutes. On the flip side, a cover requiring many tools will take a long while, and could potentially damage your bed liner, other parts, and the product itself. So, what you want is something that’s not difficult. Perhaps a little prep work or more hands would do, but that’s about it for installation.

Furthermore, things like drill holes other than clamps on bed rails could take much work. On the whole, it depends on how bad you want the tonneau cover. If you’re going to perform all the installation procedures on your own, get something easier. If it’s rather complicated, some brands will point out where you can get much-needed help.

  • 5. Ease of Maintenance

Maintenance is a large part of buying any product out there. Getting a tonneau cover is no different. Some of them come with strong materials like marine-grade vinyl tarp and aluminum. Others could be steel or reinforced plastics. In any case, you should clean them regularly and adequately. This way, they last longer and maintain their look, and that of your Chevy Colorado truck.

Most covers are easy to clean, though. Just get some cleaners ready and get working. Other types may require some more cleaning of an extensive nature. Either way, follow instructions on maintenance as provided by the manufacturer.

  • 6. Access to Truck Bed

Sometimes, all you want to do is reach into your truck bed and grab a thing or several. Further, you might have a lot of cargo to load up and be on your way. Things can get a tad bit annoying when you’re trying to get the cover out of the way, but for some reason, it won’t fold, roll or come off fully.

When choosing a chevy tonneau cover to use, ensure you can have easy access to your truck bed. This way, cargoes, luggage, and the like are easy to put in and lift out.


Tonneau Cover Types

There are many types of truck tonneau covers you can select from. However, it has a lot to do with the variety of chevy trucks you drive and what you want the cover for. Brands, products, and their models feature a lot of capabilities you’ll immediately find convenient for you.

Take a look at some of the popular types of tonneau covers you can get for your truck.

  • 1. Folding Covers

This guide has a number of covers that can claim to be the Best Tonneau Cover for Chevy Colorado. You’d have noticed that some of them come with a tri-fold mechanism that gives you full access to your truck’s bed.

This type of cover is known as a folding tonneau cover. It comes in soft or hard materials, and usually has a frame to reinforce it. Aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl are some of the materials that give strength to the folding covers. They all help to protect the materials from any form of damage, including that posed by the elements.

  • 2. Roll-up Covers

These are tonneau covers that are usually rolled up when you want to use your truck storage area. Whether they go full length from the bulkhead to the tailgate or halfway through, the cover must be rolled. Further, this type of truck cover has few variations. Some can be soft or hard roll-up covers with different materials.

For soft roll-ups, you’ll come across tear-resistant vinyl. Other brands might use other fabrics such as sophisticated tarps for soft rolls. On the flip side, there are hard roll-ups that mostly make use of overlapping aluminum parts or slats. These parts are rolled from the bulkhead to the tailgate or close enough.

  • 3. Single-piece Hinged Covers

First off, these are engineered materials that are either soft or hard. The basic characteristic? It’s a single-piece cover. Meaning there are no folds or seams via which unwanted moisture or dirt can get in. As such, this quality makes it one of the best covers out there for your chevy Colorado. It guarantees ultimate safety and security without impeding your movement of things in and out of your truck bed.

Some single-piece hinged covers cost more than their other counterparts. The fact is protection is still a major consideration before buying a tonneau cover. So, it’s always going to be up there as one of the most wanted truck cover types.

  • 4. Retractable Covers

Most covers of this make are rigid or sturdy. They’re best known for the almost perfect protection they give to your luggage or cargo. This includes protection from snowfall and rainfall. In terms of similarities, they are closer to roll-ups because they have to move along a pre-determined line along the bed rails. However, they retract rather than roll.

Usually, the cover is set up at the bulkhead below the bed railing. A canister holds the cover, and when the cover is retracted, a mechanism spins inside which rolls out the cover along the rails of the truck.

  • 5. Snap Tonneau Covers

This type of cover usually features an aluminum frame that clamps to the truck bed and a vinyl cover that snaps into the frame. This way, you have access to virtually all areas of your truck bed. Also, it’s usually capable of holding different sizes of cargo.


Advantages of  Tonneau Cover


  • Safety and Security.

There’s a lot of thought put into traveling safety and cargo security. For this reason and more, the tonneau cover was created. Whether it has to do with inclement weather like rain, snow, and rays from the sun, a truck bed will see to it that your cargo or loads are afforded some security.

What’s more, ill-meaning individuals can target your truck, especially if you’re conveying some valuables. As such, protecting your bed cover is important with hardtops or other cover materials. Dirt, dust, and other particles could also get in. A good cover, preferably one with a tailgate lock, will help you shut thieves and the elements out.

  • Better Organization of your Cargo.

It doesn’t look smart packing a lot of things at once or simply loading up your truck without trying to keep things organized. So, if you have an open truck, you better be living in a place without rain, dust, snow, and wind. Of course, this is impossible so getting a tonneau cover for Chevrolet Colorado helps you organize your cargo. In fact, when your truck bed is covered, no one can guess what you’re packing.

  • Fuel Efficiency.

This is one major advantage many truck owners seem to forget. So how does fuel efficiency work with a cover over your truck bed? With your truck moving, air flowing from the top of the cabin mostly goes to the backend of the truck’s tailgate.

Due to the vertical design of the tailgate, airflow is impeded and usually flows back to the bulkhead. This makes the airflow angle toward the tail section with a wave-like motion which leads to turbulence. With turbulence, your truck is forced to work harder to deal with the growing force.

This means burning more fuel to meet up with the energy needs caused by force. With a tonneau cover over your truck bed, there’s no turbulence to deal with. Rather, air moves on nicely beyond the truck’s tail. A fuel-efficient cover means you also get to spend more gassing up your truck.

  • Value.

Adding more features to your truck makes it eye-catching. As such, the value tremendously increases. This way, you’re left with a healthy profit upon resale of the truck in the future. What’s more, it will keep parts of your truck free from damage. Investing in a tonneau cover is the way to go.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: What’s the best way to install tonneau covers on my truck?

So, you’ve decided to have a tonneau cover over your truck bed but haven’t quite settled on one. Well, when you do, the installation process will depend on a number of factors. These factors include the kind of cover you select and the kind of accessories or parts it comes with.

For instance, yours could come with no requirements to make use of drill holes, use of clamps or latches, and some other items. Whatever the case is, the cover may have to slide to the tailgate or be shaped against it. Further, some installation processes are easy and could be completed within all 10 minutes. Others could take considerable time, but on the whole, it may not exceed 20 minutes.

If you buy a cover that uses hinges, additional hands could be necessary with a single solid slab hardtop to install. In any case, always follow instructions that are specifically laid out by the product brand you select.

Q2: Will my tonneau cover protect my cargo from harsh weather conditions?

It’s a consideration many people give thought to before buying a tonneau cover. Protection from harsh weather conditions is important, especially if you have a lot of cargo to convey from one area to the other. As such, the elements could make things really difficult.

Different tonneau covers come with materials to keep the rains, sunlight, snow, and wind out. Materials like aluminum, steel, and fiberglass come in handy, especially when they’re accompanied by weather-tight seals.

Seals come with different covers and are useful depending on what you want to keep out. For instance, hardtops are notorious for keeping rain and snow away from your cargo and truck bed.

Q3: What’s the best way to clean my tonneau cover?

Well, as with all the covers here, there are instructions you can follow in cleaning your cover adequately. As such, the brands often suggest the kind of spray to help you wipe or clean your covers.

What you want is a soft cloth or towel to go along with the spray. This way, you get to follow the spray up with a few wipes. Further, there are car washing spots that help you clean your covers. But if you’re confident in your own ability, warm water, and car wash soap are every bit as useful.

After applying the water, leave it for some time before using a sponge, brush, or towel to go over the surface. Do so without too much pressure so that you don’t damage the cover. Follow it up with a tonneau cleaner when dry.

Q4: Are accessories like bike racks and crossbars compatible with my cover?

Even the Best Tonneau Cover for Chevy Colorado needs to have some versatility to handle other accessories. So, if you’re driving a certain model, it could take on more accessories or be averse to others. The same goes for trying to modify your tonneau cover. On the whole, the product you choose should ideally have room for more things like racks and crossbars. That should cost more, though.


Final Verdict

So, what’s your pick? This guide has all the top chevy tonneau covers to fit your truck. Quit overthinking things and make a simple choice. Only give thought to the purpose for which you want it and your budget. Also, what you pack is a good place to start before making a choice.

From the foregoing, the Gator and Tyger brands make the most obvious choices, especially if you consider their long-lasting appeal, protection, and security offer. What’s more, their installation processes cover all the basics along with the ability to take on more cargo. Consider what you’re willing to part with for a quality tonneau cover for your Chevy Colorado.

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