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The Best Tonneau Cover in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Owning a truck is one of the things everyone yearns for. The reason is that not only do they come in handy when you need some exciting outdoor recreation activities like sports but it also has extra cargo space. This is an absolute plus if you need to transport any tools to the job site or deliver some products to your clients. On the downside, the bed is usually open, and you have to cover it or lock it up, or else your goods may get damaged by the weather or get stolen. That is where a tonneau cover comes in. It is the perfect solution for all the problems that come with having an open truck bed. With the increasing technology there are many tonneau covers and knowing what suits you best could be difficult. Here you will get to know the best tonneau cover for you and what to look out for to get the finest.



Best Tonneau Cover: Editor’s Top Picks


Top 10 Best Tonneau Cover Reviews:

1. Tyger Auto T3 Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover TG-BC3C1006

Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-fold Truck Bed Tonneau...


The TG-BC3C1006 is a worthy pick for those who value products with the most straightforward installation. It comes with the US-patented clamps and no drilling is required to put it in place. With the included hardware and instructions, you can be sure that you’ll hack it in a jiffy. If you do not need the cover or need complete access to the truck bed, you can easily fold it down.

Regarding durability, this cover offers it in spades. The dual-coated marine grade type vinyl material that manufactures it increases its longevity, and there’s no need for you to worry about replacing your cover often due to wear and tear. Also, there are no modifications needed since this unit is compatible with the under-the-bedrail style bed liners.

The TG-BC3C1006 is the best tonneau cover because it not only offers maximum protection for your truck bed but also enhances its fuel efficiency. With the rising fuel prices, this cover could help you spend less money on fuel since it saves up to 12%. Also, it is quite versatile as its 5.8-foot design fits most trucks that have short beds. The free led light it comes with offers you a tremendous amount of lighting in case you need to operate during the night.

There is no reason not to go for this because it has the best tonneau cover reviews and has all the right features that all car owners look out for.

Highlighted Features

  • This cover comes with a Tyger Limited Lifetime warranty.
  • The installation is easy as it involves no drilling with all hardware and instructions provided.
  • It comes with pre-assembled horizontal crossbars for support.
  • The TG-BC3C1006 has a patented US design.
  • Product dimensions: 71x27x4 inches
  • Package includes: Truck-cargo-bed-cover-accessories, Truck Bed Cover Accessories (2000), Bed liners/Covers/Deflectors/Shields/Sun Protection (2000), Truck accessories

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2. BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau cover/448329


Other than being the best hard folding tonneau cover, BAKFlip MX4offers exceptional protection against dirt, theft, snow, rain, and sun. You might think that all it provides is good looks due to its stylish matte finish but this heavy-duty, all-season cover does it all. It boasts of offering premium UV resistance and premium density foam core.

Talk about having 100% bed access when you need to use it fully; you’ll never struggle to move bigger items. To offer more convenience, it flips in seconds, so you don’t have to remove it entirely.

You know how many scratches and fading could ruin your cover to the point that it looks older than it is. Fortunately, the BAKFlip 448329 has a matte black design which makes cover fading or scratching a thing of the past. Other than that, its quality is unmatched. Wondering how? It is the USA made with cutting-edge manufacturing processes to allow it to fit properly and last long. To add to the durability, it includes injection-molded latch housing components.

You’ll undoubtedly have no trouble installing it, its secure clamp-on installation and easy-to-understand instructions let you mount it in the shortest time possible. The BAKFlip is the best tonneau cover for F-150 if you need one for everyday use.

Highlighted Features

  • Product dimensions: 69x23x8.5
  • Relatively light weighing 71 pounds
  • Constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum panels.
  • You can open it from any side of your vehicle.
  • It comes with an extended three-year
  • BAKFlip 448329 has a sleek low-profile design.


3. TruXedoTruXport Soft Roll-up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover 271801

TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll Up Truck Bed...


How would it feel to own an efficient tonneau cover without having to spend a bundle? That’s exactly how you would feel once you purchase this cost-effective tonneau cover. One of the unique features that this cover has is that it has a dual latching system which allows you to access it from any side of your truck giving your truck bed more security. Consequently, you’ll always be at ease walking away from your vehicle even when goods are in transit.

Additionally, this cover is a leather-grained fabric made offering excellent protection against extreme rain, snow, sun, or snooping eyes. The high-grade fabric does not fade hence the surety that it will maintain its good looks. Luckily, cleaning it should not be a hassle; you only need water without any chemical cleaning. Also, the clamps on it make its installation a breeze, and this could last you a maximum of twenty-five minutes. As for the compatibility, it is not car model specific and may fit in any pick-up truck.

The TruXedo-271801 allows you to either open it fully or partially. As a result, you can open it partially when hauling tall cargo with the cover uncovered and move a small load with the cover still on. Unlike many truck bed covers coming without warranties or having limited ones, this one includes a five-year warranty that covers the fabric and everything else.

The TruXedo-271801 is the best roll-up tonneau cover because it offers exceptional protection against extreme weather and also adds to the aesthetics of your truck without being too hard on your wallet.

Highlighted Features

  • Product dimension: 81.5×6.5×6.2 inches
  • Made in the USA.
  • It comes with adjustable tension control.
  • The package contains a pair of side rails, an instruction manual, a mounting hardware kit, a storage bag, and a fully assembled bed cover.
  • It is light weighing only 24 pounds.
  • Easy to operate.

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4. Tyger Auto T3 Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover TG-BC3D1011


The Tyger TG-BC3D1011 is a top choice for anyone looking for a great folding type cover at a bargain price. It is going to serve you for a long time thanks to the double coated marine-grade vinyl that manufactures it. Besides, it has a heavy-duty aluminum frame to increase its longevity. It has a design that will take the protection of your truck bed and cargo a notch higher. With its weatherproof seals, all your goods will never get damaged by harsh weather elements.

If you need to contents in your truck bed, it will not take you long. One simple step on the quick-release rear latches will let you access your truck bed. Also, it comes pre-assembled, and the package includes the mounting hardware kit to make its installation not quite a chore. To add on that it is reasonably lightweight making it easy for one person to install it.

The cover will always stay in place no matter how fast you ride your track or how windy it is because of its stainless steel clamps on top of that this cover will give your truck the stylish and sleek look that it deserves.

The Tyger TG-BC3D1011 is a low-profile cover, and this will contribute to economizing on fuel. If you are looking for a cover for your RAM 3500, 2500 or 1500, then the Tyger BC3D1011 will offer you superior quality and efficiency at an affordable price.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • You can easily install it without any drilling.
  • Product dimensions: 69x26x4 inches
  • Can save up to 10-13% of your car’s fuel.
  • Has preassembled horizontal crossbars that give support and easily folds up letting you have full bed access.

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5. Rough Country-44515550-Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Bed Cover


The Rough Country-44515550 is one of the best tonneau covers available in the market today. This all-weather cover offers strong UV resistance and will protect your car on snowy and sunny days. Its three-ply double coated vinyl construction makes it have outstanding endurance.

This cover has that stylish look that will complement your truck’s appearance making it stand out. Featuring a tailgate lock, the security it offers is on point. You can install this cover in seconds since it has a straightforward, patented clamp-on system. As a result, there are no special tools required to mount. All you got to do is line it up and firmly fasten the clamp locks. Removing it is not a big task too; you can do it in less than three minutes. Also, the package comes completely assembled in the box with no loose parts to save you the work.

This cover offers fantastic convenience by allowing you to quickly fold back one or two sections and getting access to your truck bed. With this, you get to haul your cargo without having to remove the cover entirely.

It includes a durable safety strap in case you need to store the cover when it is not in use. As such your cover will not suffer from damage when you don’t need it. What makes it even more loved is its sleek appearance that economizes on fuel consumption.  This is because the cover reduces wind resistance inside the tailgate thus improving gas mileage.

The Rough Country-44515550 offers just about everything that you need for an excellent truck bed cover.

Highlighted Features

  • Tri-fold design.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • It comes completely assembled.
  • It only fits 5.5-footbed models.
  • Lightweight 6061 aluminum frame.
  • It includes a limited lifetime warranty.


6. Truxedo Lo Pro Soft Roll-up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover 597701

TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau...


The Truxedo Lo Pro 597701 is the best tonneau cover that allows for customization. It lets you apply any of your favorite colors that could enhance your truck’s appearance. Who wouldn’t want their car looking cool? It has a stylish design that will amazingly make your vehicle look beautiful.

It is good to note that the Truxedo Lo Pro 597701 doesn’t just offer looks; it is super-efficient in what it does. Featuring heavy-duty construction, it is a superhero in protecting against all weather conditions. At the same time, the strong leather grain vinyl structure contributes to the durability of this cover, and no matter the harshness of the weather; it will have improved endurance.

For the installation, it does not need the use of any tools and only takes five minutes. Apart from that, this cover mounts inside the truck bed’s rails hence giving you 100% access to the bed. You can, therefore, stake pocket holes to use with other car accessories. Operating it is a snap, and you’ll only need to use one finger to open the cover while you also get to remove the whole cover within seconds using the quick release system.

Are you worried that your cover might get torn on an extremely windy day? No need to! This cover comes with a lifetime warranty that covers everything even the fabric. It also adds to your confidence if you were still skeptical about whether to buy it.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a low-profile design to improve on gas mileage
  • It offers trouble-free installation.
  • Comes with automatic tension control to keep the cover tight.
  • The Truxedo Lo Pro 597701 has a patented Velcro Brand sealing system
  • It is the US

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7. Tonno Pro Tonno Fold 42-108 TRI-FOLD Truck Bed Tonneau Cover


Manufactured with the highest grade vinyl polyester, the Tonno Pro 42-108 is ready to withstand any weather condition that nature throws at it. It is a favorite to many due to the excellent features it has at its price. With its use, you will never suffer from distress due to fear that your goods may get damaged. This is because it has a weather-tight seal that keeps out moisture from getting into your truck bed. The E-Z clamping system and slide lock design ensure that there is enough security for your cover.

Another thing is its epoxy-coated aluminum frame that wards of corrosion. The double-sided vinyl material is tear-resistant, and scratches will never have anything on it. If you need to store the cover in an open position safely, the snap clip fasteners always come in handy. The nylon connectors will also help you fold the cover compactly.

Its installation and securing don’t need any training because it is easy; you can mount it in seconds and own the road all day and night. All its parts come while assembled to save you the strain of figuring out what belongs where. You can also uninstall it as fast if you need to access your truck bed fully.

And if you love freebies, you will appreciate this cover because it includes Pro gloves, Pro-Clean Multi-purpose Vinyl Cleaner, Detachable LED bed light, and a SureSeal Tailgate Seal.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with a ten-year fabric and lifetime frame warranty.
  • It allows you to have full access to the truck bed.
  • Low profile design that could save you up to 10% of gas.
  • Opens at the tailgate
  • Product dimension: 73x30x5

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8. MaxMate Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover


MaxMate is known for making affordable truck bed covers that have premium functionality. It operates like any other best tonneau cover, but it adds more to it. Since it comes with a ten-year limited warranty and a free return policy, it guarantees you that it isn’t just an ordinary cover. An additional accessory that comes with the package is the magnetic LED light that will illuminate your truck bed if you need to access it in the wee hours.

Made of weather-tight vinyl, it safeguards your valuables from coming into contact with rain, sun, and wind. To add on the efficiency, its frame bars are powdered epoxy-coated making them more moisture and weatherproof. The truck beds’ frames are flexible and strong thanks to the anodized aluminum that makes them.

Installing it is quite easy with no drilling and minimal tools required. However, if your truck liner has the bed-rail style, then you’ll need to have some drilling done on your bed. Removing it is just as easy allowing you to move any cargo in the shortest time possible. Also, the stainless steel clamps ensure that they firmly hold on the rail to curb any flapping.

For a cover that has a sleek design and slanted edges that will give your truck that classy touch and at the same time protect your bed from any weather element for a long time, the MaxMateTonneau Tri-Fold cover is the real deal. Even better it costs lower than what it has to offer.

Highlighted Features

  • Product dimensions: 72x30x4 inches
  • It includes a ten-year warranty.
  • Has a patented US design
  • Its Aluminium made sidebars and crossbars can support up to 0.5 tonnes placed about it.
  • Not compatible with RAM box.

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9. Gator ETX Soft Tri-fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover


The Gator Tri-Fold Cover functions the same way as Tyger Auto Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover. Not only does it add to the security of your truck bed from harsh weather elements and sticky hands but it also adds on fashion. Being a fine-looking cover, it will make your truck look stylish setting it apart from others.

Everyone wants to own a cover that is durable to save them the costs of shopping for a replacement frequently. The Gator ETX offers you the best with its extra strength stitching and theater-resistant vinyl that makes it. It also has strong aluminum cross-bows that support it thus enhancing the cover’s durability and strength. The front clamps are also built to last while the secure rear clamps are user-friendly and easily adjust to fit the bed’s rails, whether there are bed liners or not.

Installing it will not take much of your time, within ten minutes your goods will be secure. What adds to this is that you only need to clamp the rails without necessarily having to drill any holes. If you want to haul large cargo, you can easily access your entire truck bed by quickly removing the cover. You also have the choice of driving with your truck bed’s cover in an open position by folding it and securing it using the fastening buckles.

Highlighted Features

  • It is a custom fit thus offering a perfect fit for your specific model.
  • Easy and tool-free installation.
  • The Gator ETX comes with a 10-year warranty on the fabric and a lifetime warranty on the frame.
  • It features an integrated quick latch that is adjustable to give a perfect fit.
  • Made in the U.S.A

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10. Roll-N-Lock BT220A Locking Retractable A-Series Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Roll-N-Lock A-Series Retractable Truck Bed...


Last but not least we have the Roll-N-Lock BT220A which is the best retractable tonneau cover. Being fully retractable you can fold it right back if you want to. It amazed by its suspended design and durability. The cover and metal bars are aluminum-covered to make them sturdier thus outlasting your truck. It doesn’t have exposed seams plus it has a patented tailgate locking system, and this makes it more secure from thieves.

What baffles this cover is its unique construction. Unlike other truck bed covers, this one has a contoured, patented hinge design that gives a smooth rotation that is frictionless. It also permits you to open or close within seconds because it does not need you to manipulate the snaps or lift any heavy panels. Once the lock lever rotates, the cover retracts into the housing letting you access the truck bed entirely.

Detailed with recessed drain fittings, it allows for complete drainage for any moisture that may have collected on the cover hence improving on protection for your goods. Too often especially when it is very sunny, your fingertips may get burned but this cover minds about your fingers. With the finger insulator grip, you will not have to suffer once you grasp the handle even in the hottest of climates.

To conclude, this cover is low profile and has an aerodynamically styled housing lid that contributes to its sleek appearance. Although it does not offer as much as other truck bed covers in our list, it gives you value for money.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes a one-year limited warranty
  • It is aluminum coated.
  • Involves manual operation
  • It is lockable.
  • Has the Clamp-on track design

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Things to Consider When Buying Tonneau Cover

There is a large assortment of tonneau covers available in the market. Before streamlining your choice to get yourself the best tonneau cover, there are things that you should have in mind. You will undoubtedly have to consider the following factors before getting to your final purchase;

  • Purpose

When selecting a tonneau cover, you have to check whether it will serve the purpose you chose it for. For instance, if you need to protect your truck bed from the sun’s heat, snow, rain, and hail then you have to get a cover that perfectly does this. In this case, a cover that has excellent features that will effectively secure your valuables from such elements is the best option. If you need more protection from prying eyes, then a hinged model or a heavy-duty cover will do the trick.

Additionally, if you are an outdoor lover who would want a cover to make your truck look stylish, then you would probably go for one that excels in good looks. One with a proper matching color would easily do it.

  • Ease of maintenance

Tonneau covers are part of your truck’s accessories and to remain in their perfect condition, you have to maintain them. Moreover, they cost you money, and you should, therefore, ensure that the investment serves you long. Most covers do not require any special maintenance other than cleaning them with water and soap. Others need special cleaning chemicals i.e., the vinyl cover. It is therefore essential to know what degree of maintenance a specific cover requires and see if it suits you.

  • Ease of installation

There are two classes of people; those that can install things themselves and those that will ask for some extra help. If you love doing things yourself, you should consider buying a cover that is lightweight and one that you can install in under twenty minutes on your own. Fortunately, there are covers that you only need to clamp on without drilling any hole. However, if you are committed to do some more work or have someone who could help you go for covers that need some muscle to install they couldn’t hurt.

  • Compatibility

Some covers are compatible with specific bed liners while some are not. While some may need some modifications while installing them, others may not. Before buying one inquire to know if it is compatible with your bed liners or you’ll need to do some modifications done in your truck bed.

  • Customization option

Sometimes all you want for a truck bed cover is one that can customize your ride. For this reason, you should consider buying one that allows for painting or chemical treatment. Some covers are not customizable, and this could limit you if that is your intention. To avoid such, always check out if the cover gives customization options before purchasing it.

  • Style

There are many cover styles that you can choose from. Different styles offer varying amounts of space. From retractable, foldable to soft roll-up covers, you get to choose the best one for you.

  • Budget

Each one of us has different budgets on the cover we want to buy. Always buy what you can afford without going too hard on your pocket. In addition, ensure that you get the best out of the price tag you chose.


Types of Tonneau Covers

Knowing the exact type of tonneau cover that your truck needs helps you narrow down your search to be able to select the best tonneau cover for you. They all differ regarding weather protection, gas savings, security factor, and how much they enhance the looks of your truck, so it is up to you to get the much-needed information about each and know the right one for you.

  • Folding

This is possibly the most known type of cover in the world of tonneau covers. Most of the covers that you will come across are folding,i.e., the trifold that you can fold thrice. Some covers have more than three folding points. The advantage that comes with this type of tonneau cover is that you can cover one part of your truck bed when exposing the other. By merely folding one or two panels, you get enough space to haul your cargo. It will also be convenient for you if you need to transport a product that has an awkward shape that cannot fit under a tonneau cover.

  • Drop down, or retractor

This is the type that pulls back along the rails located on each side of your truck bed into a container found behind the cabin that stretches from side to side. Their design ensures that they are 100% weather-tight. Sometimes they also come with a pair of rails that you can attach to your truck. The use of a remote electrically or manually doing it operates these covers. They come with locks but at times could rely on your truck’s tailgate. You can install them fast and effortlessly. Another of its pluses is that it offers you quick access to your truck’s bed.

  • Hinged

This type of cover lifts on hinges like a trunk cover. They either come as expensive fiberglass covers which you can paint to match the color of your truck or as economically priced soft covers. Every so often, they come with individual locks often placed on each side. On the downside, the hinged truck covers are hard to install and a bit expensive.

  • Heavy duty

These covers are for rough use, and they are mostly aluminum or steel-made. They are very sturdy and can even endure carrying a load on top of them while closed. The heavy-duty covers are configurable just like the hinged covers and offer a very high degree of security. Sometimes they give you the option of either opening on the rear or the side.


Advantages of Tonneau Covers

  • Protection for your cargo

The main reason many people buy tonneau covers is to offer protection against thieves and weather elements that may render your goods unfit. For protection against unscrupulous people, some covers use the sight out of mind strategy that works well. On the other hand, others are lockable while some have latches located beneath the tonneau cover and need you to lower the tailgate to gain access to the truck bed. Most of the covers are weather tight and some UV resistant to offer the much-needed protection against debris, water, dust, sun, and dirt to your valuables. With a cover on your truck, you will never feel uneasy while transporting your cargo.

  • They contribute to fuel economy

You’ve probably heard that tonneau covers play a role in saving the amount of fuel used by your truck. But how do they do it? Through aerodynamics and by reducing the amount of wind that gets into your pickup’s tailgate, it saves on gas mileage. In case you are not using a cover, the air gets trapped in the bed thus forming a cushion around which surrounding air bounces off. As a result, the car’s engine needs more power to outdo the drag that your car experiences when you are driving it. The more the required power, the more fuel your car is going to consume. A cover plays a significant role in fuel efficiency by allowing air to move freely even beyond the tail section of your pick up and studies show that they can save up to 10% of your fuel.

  • Better resale value for your car

Many truck owners wonder what the cost of their trucks will be once it is time to sell them. As an owner, you get to choose this by how you maintain it. Protecting your truck bed by the use of a cover keeps it away from the effects of wear hence enabling it to retain the same look it had when it was new. Naturally, a car that looks good and that has been given proper maintenance attracts a better amount of money than one that is not well kept.

  • Keeps your car organized

More often than not you will notice that after transporting your cargo, you will either find it shifted or spilled. But how do you avoid this? Getting yourself a tonneau cover will help keep your baggage in the right place whether there is wind or not. The best part about the tonneau cover is that once you have loaded up your truck and covered it, you will be able to drive to any destination and trust that you will find everything in the state where you left it.

  • Custom look

You can admit to it that adding to the aesthetic appeal of your car is as important as all other benefits that come with owning a truck cover. Not only will it give it a finished look but it also sets it apart from others. The best way to do this is to paint the cover to provide it with one that matches that of your vehicle.


Installation of Tonneau Cover

Different tonneau models come with diverse ways of installing them. Here are the ways that you can use;

  • Use wrenches and extra tools to make the cover fit.
  • Drill holes in the truck bed cover to ensure that the cover slots well inside.
  • Just fit your cover into the truck bed.

Here is the guide that you can use to install most tonneau covers.

  1. Read the instructions first-To avoid messing up, check if there are any included instructions in the package, and read them
  2. Attach the cover’s rails to the truck’s bed if applicable- Some covers have rails while some do not. If they are there, you’ll only have to attach them to your truck bed. It is applicable if there are under-the-bed liners, but if there are over-the-bed liners, you will have to cut notches into it.
  3. Align the rails together and fasten the mounting hardware-Tighten the mounting hardware to ensure that they are utterly in line. It should be tight fitting to prevent it from becoming loose.
  4. Install any included accessories-e., the cab-side seals or tailgate. Follow all the instructions carefully.
  5. Place the cover’s top on the rails-Adjust it until it is evenly aligned.
  6. Check if there are any gaps or bulges– If there are any keep modifying the position of the rail until there is not any that remains.
  7. If there are any drainage tubes in the package, connect and reroute them-Not all truck covers have this and if there are, reroute them to the corners of your truck bed.


Maintenance of Tonneau Covers

  1. Washing

When cleaning your tonneau cover ensure that you do it under the shade or in an open garage. Start with the lid and wash it using cool, clean water and mild soap. Flood the top with a lot of water to do away with pebbles that could scratch the finish when wiped. Never use chemicals like dry-cleaning solvents, strong cleaners, bleaches, or dishwashing much cleaners could have chemicals that could ruin your cover. Also, avoid using hot water in cleaning your tonneau cover.

If you want to clean your tonneau cover, use a high-quality vinyl cleaner. Wash the whole cover using the cleaner and a white all-cotton towel. Ensure that you follow all the instructions indicated on your cleaner to evade damaging your cover. Always wash the whole tonneau cover and never spot clean because this could bring bright spots on it. Also, use a soft cotton cloth to avoid scratching the vinyl creating pores whose function is to allow any dirt to stick.

If you feel like your tonneau cover is still dirty, you can always repeat the process.

  1. Inspecting for damage

Tonneau covers are one of the parts of your truck that get exposed to harsh weather elements frequently, and after some time their lubrication could fade away. Also, heavy objects on the cover could destroy it. To prolong the function and usage of your tonneau cover, you need to check for any looseness, wearing out or any debris that may be caught up on the cover. You also have to examine your mounting hardware frequently to make sure that all clamps and bolts are tight and have not loosened. Lubricate your locks regularly to avoid friction. Use quality silicone or Teflon spray and use a can that has an insertion for a plastic tube to do the job. To sum it all up, always check for specific maintenance instructions on the manufacturer’s guide.


Frequently Asked Questions about Tonneau Cover

Q-1: Can I use a tonneau cover together with my bed liner?

  • Most tonneau covers are usable with a bed liner. For over-the-rail bed liners, you may have to cut them slightly or modify them to give a perfect fit. The under-the-rail liners may need the use of small shims. To make sure that you make the appropriate modifications, check the bed liner’s and tonneau cover’s instructions.

Q-2: Will any tonneau cover protect my valuables from rain and snow?

  • Every tonneau cover offers basic protection against weather elements. Soft-top covers channel water away from the tonneau cover with their design and sometimes come with a tailgate seal strip to prevent water from leaking in. If your aim of getting a cover is to give protection from a lot of water, consider purchasing a hard roll-up tonneau cover. The advantage of hard tonneaus is that they come with over-the-rail sealing and extra weather sealing to prevent water from getting into the truck bed.

Q-3: How can I know that a tonneau cover will fit my truck?

  • Most of the tonneau covers are set up with custom-designed hardware to the specific model, make, and year of the truck. On the other hand, vehicles come with different bed lengths, so you have to measure the bed length of your truck before purchasing a cover to ensure that you get the exact fit.
  • To measure the bed size, determine the style of your truck. Depending on its model and make, it may be a 4-door Crew Cab, Extended Cab, Regular Cab, or a Side Step. You can measure the length of the bed from the inside of the tailgate all the way to the bulkhead. Having your truck’s bed and style, you can now choose the best tonneau cover built with the exact dimensions with much ease.

Q-4:How much time does it take to install a tonneau cover?

  • Basically, installing a tonneau cover is easy. Most of the covers have a clamp system that is custom-made and fits your exact truck perfectly. Some may, however, need some drilling made on your truck’s bed for installation.

Q-5: Can I use other accessories,i.e., crossbars and bike racks together with my tonneau cover?

  • It depends on the type of your truck and the tonneau cover that you have. Some may allow you to use certain cargo racks and any other accessories with the tonneau cover closed. Some tracks come specifically designed for use with specific tonneau covers and with those, you will find it easy to install them. Other accessories may require you to have some modifications done like cutting or drilling your tonneau cover. It is, however, good to note that cutting drilling or doing any other modification to your cover makes its warranty void.


Final Verdict

As a whole, every tonneau cover has features and benefits that make it stand out. If you are planning to buy one you might find yourself getting a bit confused but this article gives you all the needed information when purchasing a cover to make the process simple and rewarding for you. Before selecting the specific truck tonneau cover, you ought to ascertain the reason why you need one. For instance, if you take pride in your truck’s appearance, you’ll choose a different tonneau cover like the one you would pick if your aim were improved protection against dirt and thieves. You are also able to select a cover that gives value to your money.

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